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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

California Native plants are pollinated by?

For those of you with allergies probably best to stay away from the wind pollinated genera. Many of the insect pollinated plants also can be wind or hummingbird pollinated to some degree. There is almost always a redundancy in native systems. But wind pollinated flowers have to generate a great deal more pollen than insect or bird pollinated flowers. For a plant that is living in a California ecosystem, pollen is expensive.. The riparian areas have more resources, so plants from riparian areas tend to be wind pollinated and your allergies can be awful near a marsh, pond or lake. Desert plants have to balance as there are limited insects along with limited resources so desert plants can be a little insect, bee, bird and even lizard pollinated.
This information is only for native plants, largely California natives, and it's not complete, but there are enough species here that you can landscape a large place with no problems.
I only list Genera, species usually follow the genera, but not always...

Pollinated by insects

Pollinated by Butterflies or Moths

Pollinated by native bees and bumblebees.

*There are a couple of oligolectic bees that only work these, Perdita and Anthophora. Final report, 2003 Biennium, Clark County, Nevada
**Amer. J. Bot. 75(9):1387-1393. 1988 .1% wind pollinated, most 99.9% insect pollinated
For desert bee species the Minckley Lab is very helpful.
Catalog of hymenoptera in America north of Mexico / prepared cooperatively by specialists on the various groups of Hymenoptera under the direction of Karl V. Krombein, 1979
Also used many other sources to reference in this page. I searched thousands of articles in Google Scholar,,, our image files and others. Again this is not peer reviewed and is meant to be an aid to the native plant community and garden designers, be accurate, but not perfect. Researched a hundred + hours, not thousands.

Largely wind pollinated.

Other pollination methods.