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California native plants mail order direct from a native plant nursery.


Phone Number 805.438.5992

Email Address pan@laspilitas.com

Shopping online / mail order

Where do I start shopping, buying or ordering mail order?

Start here: BUY PLANTS ONLINE for online ordering, (mail order) or for viewing availability at either of our nurseries.
If the plant is not available, you can't order it. Sorry, but if we don't have the plant, how can we sell it to you?

I want to print a list of the plants available online for mail order, how can I do that?

Go to the printable plant availability list.


If the week contains a holiday, we'll check UPS to make sure there is at least a one day buffer in shipping.  If there is not, you'll receive your plants the next available full week. If the Holiday is in the middle of week(July 4) , we may skip the week. We try to get the plants to you as soon as possible, but setting in the sun in Tuscon or snow in Denver is not something our plants need to experience.

Where do we ship mail order?

We only ship to Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington. We have had a difficult time shipping to the midwest or more eastern because the plants get mangled and baked.

Shipping Costs

Handling: $18 per order. This charge is for gathering, bagging, boxing plants and driving the 25 miles into UPS.

Shipping: Per plant, by weight and depending on your shipping location. The plants weigh between 2-5 pounds each, each species has it's own assigned weight.  We have changed our shopping cart to use UPS to automatically calculate the shipping cost for each order.
There is a limitation with the software that we've not figured out(chimps with sticks), at about 20 plants the UPS costs  start going off, it is not significant until you order about 30 plants, we re-adjust( usually lower) Ups charges at about 25 plants. At 50 plants the charges are ridiculously off ($110 instead of about $75 to Los Angeles)and the software will not even work above about 80 plants. So, order what you can(if it's available) and either email the real list or place a second order and we'll combine them and email you a new total.
Total cost/plant for shipping and handling are usually below $2/plant when you order more than 20 plants.

Note: In the shopping cart, the $18 handling charge is listed within the shipping charge. For example:

Subtotal39.95 ( cost of 5 plants at $7.99 each)
Shipping32.46 ( This is the $ 18 handling plus the $14.46 shipping to 93453 California))


There is only sales tax if you are located in California. The sale tax is ours, presently 8.25%.


Visa, Mastercard or mail a check. To mail a check use the online ordering method, but print the order before you put your card number in and send it with a check to Las Pilitas Nursery, 3232 Las Pilitas Rd. Santa Margarita, 93453. The online order goes through Mal's E-commerce, a secure drop box for credit cards, wonderful for small businesses with retail stores. Mal's allows us to do mail order in a safe and secure manner.
When you use the cart you move to a secure server at Mal's and your card information is locked up for us to retrieve at shipment. We do not save card information after the shipment is complete.
The mail operation is difficult for us as we have to run a separate inventory to remove your plants from inventory. When you run a 'normal' order through the system it removes it from inventory. Inventory management is our abyss.

When do we ship?

We ship Mondays and Tuesdays, to prevent any delays that could possibly happen that might keep your plants in shipping over the weekend. We send a tracking number to your email address at shipment. Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento and most all of California ship UPS next day. So if you're in Los Angeles, if you order by Friday at 4pm, you should get the plants by Wednesday, barign any UPS delays.

How do we ship?

We ship via United Parcel Service. The gallon sized plants are removed from the pot, the root ball bagged, the plants boxed, and shipped. We do not ship bare root. The plants weigh between 2-4 pounds each and shipping charges are based on plant weight.

We only ship one gallon sized plants.

All I want to know is HOW DO I ORDER?

  1. To browse our plant products go to our online shop.
  2. Follow the link to each plant that you want, scroll down until you get to the Add To Cart section. 
  3. Enter in the quantity of that plant you would like to order and click the "Add To Cart" button.
  4. Select your shipping region and click the "Recalculate" button to recalculate the shipping costs.
  5. Anytime that you wish to quit and pay click on the "Go To Payments" button and that will lead you out.
  6. You can click the "Continue Shopping" button to continue to add plants to your order until your run out of money, or we run out of plants.

You can access your cart at anytime by going to the upper right of any of our pages and clicking on the "Cart" link. Because it is a secure site it will kick you off if you stop for lunch. You usually have a 30 minutes or so between activities, longer it assumes you're gone and disconnects.

We take your  plant out of a gallon pot, put it into a plastic bag, put into a box, and ship it. The best numbers to fit into the boxes are multiples of  1,2, 4, 5, 8, and 10.  All we deal with are native plants, of California. - grid24_12
Mail order plants being prepared for shipment.
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