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About the author Bert Wilson

Bert Wilson has a B.S. degree in chemistry (with all of the MS in chemistry but the 3 seminars and finishing the thesis). Also took Field Botany, Ecology and a bunch of other biology classes. Landscape Contractor, now inactive, Lic. 345678. Over thirty plus years have done mitigation, gardening, design work and grown a couple of million native plants. Responsible for much of the content of laspilitas.com and most of the misspleings.
Biology was a bunch of spelling tests, Chemistry and Math was not. So Celeste and Bert meet in a Biology and Chemistry class, but Celeste can spell so she got her M.S. in Biology, Bert got his degree in Chemistry. The 1980 recession stopped the finishing of his M.S. degree in Chemistry, and furthered his education on economy.
The interest in native plants came from Celeste working on her Senior Project and not being able to find the plants and Bert and Celeste attempting to grow them. Hey, they were gardeners, how hard could it be?

We read all the books and had the education. What we learned is the learning curve of native plants and ecology.. You start out knowing you know nothing, then you learn a little and think you know all (that's where we started), then you figure out you'll never know enough. We've been studying this continuously since about 1975 and still are missing things. For more see about Las Pilitas
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Bert in Borrago Springs in about 2000 - grid24_12
Bert back in the 1990's on top of a mountain in Anza Borago. Old picture car was 200 foot down at the bottom.
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