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Las Pilitas Nursery
3232 Las Pilitas Road
Santa Margarita, CA 93453

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Las Pilitas was started in San Luis Obispo in 1974 and moved to the Santa Margarita site in 1978. The nursery has an overall foot print of about nine acres with a demonstration garden around the nursery. (See our garden pages.) The garden has deep shade under mature 200 year old oak trees, a desert section, and lots of mature Ceanothus and Manzanitas.

We grow California native plants.

You're welcome to wander out any Friday or Saturday to explore the garden and buy native plants. We carry enough stock to plant out 20 acres of landscaping at any one time. Most people can fit enough plants to plant out their front landscape in their minivan/suburban/pickup.

a picture of the native plants in a native plant nursery - grid24_12
Rainbow over Las Pilitas Nursery - grid24_12

We have lots of wildlife! Customers regularly see large coveys of California Quail ( including babies in spring) foraging in our demonstration garden, huge Western Whiptail lizards hunting in the pots, and California Dog-faced butterflies sipping nectar from the abundance of flowers. Occasionally customers have seen our resident bear!

Our last frost is usually in late May, our first frost frost os usually in early October.

Most of the pictures on this web site were taken in this nursery!

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Why do your plants look cold? We grow most of plants in the open or with minimum protecting so they'll LOVE your garden.
Las Pilitas Nursery in about 2000 - grid24_12
The nursery looking down towards the front gate on a cold winter morning in 2011. The white row cover can keep the gallon plants a few degrees warmer. They still freeze, but stay above about 20F. This is why our plants grow when others fail.  - grid24_12
Our nursery has open stock. The white is row covers to protect the stock from the winter lows that can be between 0-10 F.
A short video of a native plant nursery.
Looking out the window of a car on a fast trip up Las Pilitas Road
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