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Closed for walk-in sales

Update September 2022We are hoping to be open for a spring plant sale in 2023 but for right now we are doing scheduled pickups and shipping only.

Pickup by appointmentWe will continue curbside pickup by appointment. Please place an online order through our website and select Pickup as your Delivery method. We will email you to schedule a pickup date. Pickups are ready after 10:30am and can be scheduled for a Wed - Sat. Give us at least 24 hours to prep your order. Again, dates will be confirmed via email.

I pushed a few gallon containers together so you can visualize a California wildflower bouquet. Native plants are beautiful and can create a spectacular garden. - grid24_12
If you know the plant you are looking for use the links below or the search box to peruse the catalog.
A short moo-vie of some of the native plants that are native to California. The image is Carpenteria californica.
When to plant? It is OK to plant native plants all year, for summer and fall plantings just treat the new planting to regular watering during the summer and fall months for the first year.
Winter planting is easier, spring planting is fun!
What are you waiting for? Here are more pages about Native garden how to and design
Band Tailed Pigeons in flight over the nursery. Native plants equal native birds. - grid24_12
Customers fly in from all over the world to visit our Santa Margarita Nursery. We ship native plants to most of the West and all of California from here.
Anabelle will help you. We seldom bite. - grid24_12
Bert's Raspberry flavor of Diplacus puniceus - grid24_12

The Nursery Las Pilitas Collection

A list of the cultivated variates (cultivars) or wild selections of California native plants selected by Bert Wilson and Las Pilitas Nursery and introduced into cultivation over the past 38 years.
Other places you might find us roaming about:

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