Ten native plants for a California Garden.

Here are ten native plants that are easy to grow in most gardens.
They'll need to be treated like native plants, not Petunias, so read about each one before you plant. (Click on each image for more)
Coffeeberry, Rhamnus californica,  with berries.  Native plants attract native birds. - grid24_12
Coffeeberry, Rhamnus californica has berries for the native birds.
Muhlenbergia rigens,  Deer Grass, is shown here with flowering stalks on the edge of a garden path. This native grass has all sorts of uses. - grid24_12
Deer Grass, Muhlenbergia rigens is a large native grass.
Harmony manzanita is  a selection of the Arctostaphylos densiflora. This is a truly California native plant. - grid24_12
Manzanitas are California native plants! For easy ones, look at Harmony, Sentinel or Howard McMinn
Monkey Flower, Diplacus, Mimulus is a beautiful native plant. - grid24_12
Monkey flowers, particularly Diplacus puniceus, Diplacus longiflorus and Diplacus aurantiacus. Get the monkey off your back and into your garden..
Penstemon Margarita BOP pushed up against a rock. Native plants can be very pretty. - grid24_12
Penstemon Margarita BOP. Native plants can be pretty and some of them can tolerate all sorts of conditions.
A Swallowtail Butterfly on a Salvia Pozo Blue. California native plants attract California native  wildlife to your garden. - grid24_12
Salvias, particularly Pozo Blue, Salvia Pt. Sal, Hummingbird Sage and Gracias.
Zauschneria californica Bert's Bluff was native on a coastal bluff but does very well inland and is hardy to about 0F, -15C. A great native plant fro your garden. In a school garden it starts flowers about when school starts. - grid24_12
Zauschneria  'Bert's Bluff'. grows about a foot tall and two feet wide. Gray foliage and hot reddish orange flowers that are favorites of the hummingbirds and butterflies. California fuchsias are very showy and reliable native plants.
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