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Native plants of the Los Angeles area.

I've not included the little weird ones but focused on the common local native plants that are in the trade you should be able to see native in the wild and plant in your garden. Most of these plants are native locally from Santa Monica, through Malibu, into Los Angeles and maybe as far north as Thousand Oaks and east to maybe Pasadena. Many are native to all of Coastal Southern and even Central California.
Most plants have a web page with photos and videos for each, click the links to move to the individual pages.
The very pretty pink-purple flower clusters of Abronia maritima, Sand verbena, against a background of salty beach sand - grid24_12
Abronia maritima, Sand verbena
Abronia umbellata, Purple Sand Verbena flowers - grid24_12
Abronia umbellata,  Purple Sand Verbena
Acer macrophyllum, Big Leaf Maple with fall leaf color - grid24_12
Acer macrophyllum,  Big Leaf Maple
Acer negundo californicum, California Box Elder  seeds - grid24_12
Acer negundo californicum, California Box Elder
Adenostoma fasciculatum (Chamise or Greasewood)  in flower in a Santa margarita morning - grid24_12
Adenostoma fasciculatum, Chamise lives in the chaparral areas of the Santa Monica Mountains and lower San Gabriel. Wonderful plant for hillside stabilization.
an old picture of Adenostoma sparsifolium, Red Shanks. This used to cover the top of the Santa Monicas along  Mulholland Hwy in Los Angeles. - grid24_12
Adenostoma sparsifolium, Red Shanks Both Adenostoma are maligned for flammability, but that doesn't seem to be true.
Adiantum capillus-veneris, Maidenhair fern in Zion park Utah. - grid24_12
Adiantum capillus-veneris, Maidenhair Fern
Adiantum jordanii California Maiden-Hair Fern on a wet rock wall - grid24_12
Adiantum jordanii, California Maiden-Hair Fern
Agoseris grandiflora, Mountain dandelion seed heads in the Santa Margarita garden. - grid24_12
Agoseris grandiflora, Mountain dandelion
green California native grass, Agrostis pallens - grid24_12
Agrostis pallens, Bent Grass
Alnus rhombifolia, White Alder, is found in areas where there is water year-round. - grid24_12
Alnus rhombifolia, White Alder
Franseria chamissonis bipinnatisecta Beach-Bur - grid24_12
Ambrosia chamissonis, Beach-Bur
Ambrosia dumosa - grid24_12
Ambrosia psilostachya, Western Ragweed Do not plant this plant in your little garden in Los Angeles. It will take over all of LA.
An old photo of Amorpha californica, California False Indigo Bush in flower - grid24_12
Amorpha californica, California False Indigo Bush
A closeup photo of  the flower of Anemopsis californica, Yerba Mansa, a medicinal herb.  - grid24_12
Anemopsis californica, Yerba Mansa
Antirrhinum coulterianum (syn. Sairocarpus coulterianus) is native locally in disturbed areas of Southern California. - grid24_12
Antirrhinum coulterianum, Coulters Snapdragon
Antirrhinum multiflorum, Mutliflowered Snapdragon Flowers used to be common in the hills around Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. - grid24_12
Antirrhinum multiflorum, Multiflowered Snapdragon
An old picture of Arctostaphylos canescens. - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos canescens subsp. canescens, Hoary Manzanita
Arctostaohylos glandulosa flower and bush - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos glandulosa glandulosa, Eastwood's manzanita
Arctostaphylos glandulosa - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos glauca-glandulosa
Arctostaphylos glauca, Los Angeles Big Berry manzanita is local to the Santa Monica Mountains. - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos glauca, Big Berry Manzanita
Artemisia californica, California Sagebrush, with Diplacus longiflorus, in the coastal sage scrub near Vandenberg Village, California.  - grid24_12
Artemisia californica, California Sagebrush used to be a common plant in the Los Angeles basin.
Artemisia douglasiana Mugwort - grid24_12
Artemisia douglasiana, Mugwort
Asclepias californica California Milkweed  in flower - grid24_12
Asclepias californica, California Milkweed
Asclepias fascicularis, Narrow-leaf milkweed plant. - grid24_12
Asclepias fascicularis, Narrowleaf Milkweed
Astragalus trichopodus, Southern California Locoweed flower - grid24_12

Astragalus trichopodus, Southern California Locoweed
Atriplex californica - California saltbush, California Salt Bush - grid24_12
Atriplex californica, Beach Saltbush
Brewer's Saltbush makes a decent hedge, but it smells like cat pee. Drive your nasty neighbor crazy? But it will also grow in Los Angeles or San Diego without any water in full sun. You like cats, right? - grid24_12
Atriplex lentiformis subsp. breweri, Brewers Salt Bush
Atriplex leucophylla. Beach Saltbush - grid24_12
Atriplex leucophylla, Beach Salt Bush
Baccharis emoryi, Emory Baccharis.with a Painted Lady. - grid24_12

Baccharis emoryi, Emory Baccharis
Baccharis glutinosa Water Wally. - grid24_12
Baccharis glutinosa, Water Wally, or Seep Willow
Coyote Bush in a vacant lot in Salinas. - grid24_12
Baccharis pilularis consanguinea, Coyote Brush, Bush Baccharis
Pozo Surf or Parking Strip without water for years, about at about 8 years old. It seems to grow about 60 cm, 25-30 inches high and 6 ft., 2 meters  wide. The customers in San Diego love this plant. - grid24_12
Baccharis pilularis consanguinea, Pozo Surf (smaller form)
Baccharis plummerae (need photo)
Mule fat, Baccharis_viminea

 - grid24_12
Baccharis salicifolia, Seep Willow,  Mulefat
Bloomeria crocea Golden Stars - grid24_12
Bloomeria crocea, Golden Stars
Bothriochloa barbinodis Cane Bluestem - grid24_12
Bothriochloa barbinodis, Cane Bluestem
Boykinia occidentalis,  likes shady moist conditions.  - grid24_12
Boykinia occidentalis, Coast Boykinia, Brook Foam or Western Boykinia
Acmon Blue, Plebejus acmon on Brickellia californica - grid24_12
Brickellia californica, Brickellbush
Brickellia nevinii (Need photo)
Brodiaea jolonensis (need photo)
Red maids flower - grid24_12
Calandrinia ciliata, Red Maids used to be a common annual of hay fields. I guess too many people made hay in Los Angeles sun.
Calochortus albus, Fairy Lantern with a little pink - grid24_12
Calochortus albus, Fairy Lantern
Calochortus clavatus - grid24_12
Calochortus clavatus
Need photo for Calochortus splendens
Calystegia macrostegia, California  Morning Glory - grid24_12

Calystegia macrostegia, California Morning Glory
Camissonia cheiranthifolia cheiranthifolia Beach Evening Primrose - grid24_12

Camissonia cheiranthifolia, Beach Evening Primrose
Carex senta. Swamp Carex, Swamp Sedge - grid24_12
Carex senta, Rough Sedge
Carex spissa San Diego sedge - grid24_12
Carex spissa, San Diego sedge
Castilleja affinis (Need Photo)
Castilleja foliolosa, Woolly Indian Paintbrush as a perennial - grid24_12
Castilleja foliolosa, Woolly Indian Paintbrush
Ceanothus crassifolia covers many of the hills between Orange and Riverside counties. - grid24_12

Ceanothus crassifolius, Hoary-leaved Ceanothus
The white form of Buckbrush, Ceanothus cuneatus - grid24_12

Ceanothus cuneatus, Buckbrush
This Ceanothus megacarpus X cuneatus was growing on top of a peak on South Vandenberg, south east of Lompoc. - grid24_12
Ceanothus megacarpus, Big Pod California Lilac is a common Ceanothus in the hills between Malibu and Los Angeles.
Ceanothus oliganthus blue lilac bush - grid24_12
Ceanothus oliganthus, Hairy-Leaf Ceanothus is local between Simi Valley and Philmore.
Ceanothus spinosus,  Red-Heart Mountain Lilac. flowers - grid24_12
Ceanothus spinosus, Red-Heart Mountain Lilac is local in the coastal mountains. It is on top of San Marcos Pass in Santa Barbara.
A closeup of the flowers of Cercocarpus betuloides, Mountain Mahogany, with an inset of the plant in fruit.  - grid24_12
Cercocarpus betuloides, Mountain Mahogany
Chenopodium californicum Indian lettuce - grid24_12

Chenopodium californicum, Indian lettuce
The Soap plant flowers are delicate white flowers on a three foot stalk - grid24_12
Chlorogalum pomeridianum, Soap Lily
Cirsium californicum California Thistle - grid24_12
Cirsium californicum, California Thistle
Cirsium occidentale

Clarkia bottae
Speckled Clarkia or Farewell to Spring - grid24_12
Clarkia cylindrica
Farewell to spring, Clarkia purpurea is also known as Purple Clarkia or Winecup Clarkia - grid24_12
Clarkia purpurea, Winecup clarkia
Clarkia, Garland Flower, Mountain Garland, Clarkia unguiculata - grid24_12
Clarkia unguiculata, Mountain Garland
Montia perifoliata Miner's Lettuce - grid24_12
Claytonia perfoliata, Miner's Lettuce used to be under all the coastal oaks.
These Clematis were growing along the trail on top of Cuesta Ridge.climbing over Cercocarpus betuloides. - grid24_12
Clematis lasiantha, Pipestem Clematis
The Clematis flowers are delicate and spread all over the vine as they crawl along your fence or trellis. - grid24_12
Clematis ligusticifolia, Western White Clematis
A hummingbird takes a break from the Isomeris flowers - grid24_12
Cleome isomeris, Bladderpod grows from Malibu to Barstow.
Here is a population of Collinsia heterophylla, Chinese Houses,east of the Santa Lucia mountains, California.  - grid24_12
Collinsia heterophylla, Chinese Houses
Here is a photo of an inflorescence of Comarostaphylis diversifolia, Summer Holly, with translucent urn-shaped flowers.  - grid24_12
Comarostaphylis diversifolia subsp. planifolia, Summer Holly
Coreopsis gigantea (Giant Coreopsis) can make a spectacular show on a beach dune setting - grid24_12

Coreopsis gigantea, Giant Coreopsis
Corethrogyne filaginifolia,  California Corethrogyne with skipper - grid24_12
Corethrogyne filaginifolia, California Aster
Croton californicus,  Croton plant - grid24_12
Croton californicus is common along coastal bluffs.
need photo of Cryptantha clevelandii
Cucurbita foetidissima Coyote Melon - grid24_12

Cucurbita foetidissima, Coyote Melon
Cuscuta salina Salt-Marsh Dodder - grid24_12
Cuscuta salina, Salt-Marsh Dodder
Here is a closeup photo of the red flowers of Delphinium cardinale, Scarlet Larkspur. - grid24_12
Delphinium cardinale, Scarlet Larkspur, it used to be locally common on Mulholland.
Dendromecon rigida, Bush Poppy, is flowering here in the chaparral of San Luis Obispo county, California, in the late spring. - grid24_12

Dendromecon rigida, Bush Poppy
Dodecatheon clevelandii, Padre's Shooting Star, blooms in late winter in San Luis Obispo county, California. - grid24_12
Dodecatheon clevelandii, Padre's shooting star
Dryopteris arguta, Wood Fern as forest understory - grid24_12
Dryopteris arguta, Wood fern does not tolerate many weeds.
Coast Dudleya, Sand-lettuce and Sea Lettuce with Oeanothera hookerii - grid24_12

Dudleya caespitosa, Coast Dudleya
Dudleya cymosa - canyon dudleya, canyon liveforever, Rock Lettuce - grid24_12
Dudleya cymosa, Liveforever
Dudleya lanceolata - lanceleaf liveforever, Southern California dudleya growing out of wall - grid24_12
Dudleya lanceolata, Lance-leaf dudleya
Dudleya pulverulenta, Chalk Liveforever with developing flower spikes, no flowers yet - grid24_12
Dudleya pulverulenta, Chalk Dudleya grows on cool rocky cliffs. Very localized.
Heleocharis macrostachya Common Spike Rush - grid24_12
Eleocharis macrostachya, Common Spike Rush
This was a planting down by our bridge. I thought the Giant Rye / Buckwheat mix was wonderful. - grid24_12
Elymus condensatus, Giant Wild Rye can be found in funny spots next to the ocean or in the canyons like Latigo.
Elymus glaucus Blue wild rye, Blue wildrye with seed heads - grid24_12
Elymus glaucus, Blue Wildrye
Leymus triticoides - creeping wild rye, Valley Wild rye, alkali rye down at the end of our road in Santa Margarita - grid24_12
Elymus triticoides, Creeping wild rye can be found locally inland or on bluffs where there is seasonal moisture along the Santa Monica to Santa Barbara coast inland through Malibu to Agoura.
 Emmenanthe penduliflora (whisperingbells), I don't know, they've never whispered anything to me. - grid24_12
Emmenanthe penduliflora, Whispering Bells locally common in disturbed soils.
Encelia californica - California encelia, California brittlebush, bush sunflower  - grid24_12
Encelia californica, Bush Sunflower is right along the coast in Malibu and Ventura.
Narrowleaf California fuchsia, Zauschneria cana 'Hollywood Flame'  in flower. California fuchsia works very well in a container or pot.  This narrow leaf form was around western Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks and Santa Monica - grid24_12
Epilobium canum, Narrowleaf California Fuchsia is common in the Santa Monica Mountains and Los Angeles area.
Epipactis gigantea,  Stream Orchid flower - grid24_12
Epipactis gigantea, Stream Orchid can be found in creeks or springs.
Equisetum hymale Scouring rush - grid24_12
Equisetum hymale, Scouring rush
Equisetum kansanum (laevigatum), Dwarf Horsetail, grows in wet places, and formerly was used to scour pots and pans.  - grid24_12
Equisetum laevigatum, Dwarf horsetail
Ash leaf buckwheat with the pink flowers turning rust in fall - grid24_12
Eriogonum cinereum, Ashyleaf buckwheat grows in the Coastal Plains and Basins and all over the Los Angeles Basin
Long-stem Buckwheat makes amazing dried flower bouquets.  - grid24_12
Eriogonum elongatum, Longstem Buckwheat
Eriogonum fasciculatum, Theodore Payne California Buckwheat, is a very low, almost flat California buckwheat introduced by Theodore Payne Foundation.  - grid24_12
Eriogonum fasciculatum, Coastal California Buckwheat
California Buckwheat, Eriogonum fasciculatum foliolosum at Santa Margarita - grid24_12

Eriogonum fasciculatum var. foliolosum, California Buckwheat
Eriogonum roseum; Wand Buckwheat  - grid24_12
Eriogonum gracile, Wild Buckwheat
Eriogonum parvifolium, Cliff Buckwheat with Acmom Blue Butterfly. - grid24_12
Eriogonum parvifolium, Cliff Buckwheat
Eriophyllum confertiflorum, Golden Yarrow, makes the prettiest little burst of yellow from spring through early summer (depending on your location) in the dryland native garden throughout most of California. - grid24_12
Eriophyllum confertiflorum, GoldenYarrow
Eriophyllum wallacei (syn. Antheropeas wallacei),dwarf daisy, woolly daisy - grid24_12
Eriophyllum wallacei (syn. Antheropeas wallacei),Dwarf daisy, Woolly daisy
Wallflower, Erysimum capitatum comes in many shapes , sizes and colors - grid24_12
Erysimum capitatum, Western Wallflower
Eschscholzia caespitosa, Dwarf Californian Poppy - grid24_12
Eschscholzia caespitosa, Tufted Poppy
California Poppies are many colors, these are hot orange - grid24_12
Eschscholzia californica, California Poppy
Eucrypta chrysanthemifolia as little bush - grid24_12
Eucrypta chrysanthemifolia
Coffeeberries on coffeeberry - grid24_12
Frangula californica, Coffeeberry
Fraxinus dipetala, Flowering Ash, indigenous to California,  has small adorable leaflets, a narrow form, and would be wonderful in a moist area of a smaller garden.  - grid24_12
Fraxinus dipetala, Flowering Ash
An old picture of Chocolate Lily, Mission bells, Fritilaria biflora - grid24_12
Fritillaria biflora, Chocolate Lily
Galium angustifolium (Need Photo)
Garrya elliptica 'James Roof' - Coast Silk Tassel, the male flowers, catkins, can be a foot long on an interesting bush that can be wonderful hedge.  - grid24_12
Garrya elliptica, Silk tassel
Garrya veatchii Silk Tassel Bush with male flowers, catkins  - grid24_12
Garrya veatchii, Silk Tassel Bush
Gilia capitata, Globe Gilia, is shown here in the Santa Margarita nursery, California. - grid24_12
Gilia capitata, Globe Gilia
Gilia tenuiflora grows in one of our fields. Filaree is replacing it. - grid24_12
Gilia tricolor, Bird's Eye Gilia
Gnaphalium californicum California Pearly Everlasting - grid24_12
Gnaphalium californicum, California Pearly Everlasting
Grindella hirsutula, Hairy gumplant, flower and buds. - grid24_12

Grindelia hirsutula subsp. hirsutula, Hairy gumplant
Grindelia camporum, Giant Gum Plant, with its resinous personality, is still loved by butterflies.  - grid24_12
Grindelia robusta, Giant Gum Plant
Another picture of the Sawtooth Golden bush. - grid24_12
Hazardia squarrosa var. grindelioides, Saw toothed goldenbush
Helenium puberulum What happened to the Flower? - grid24_12
Helenium puberulum, Rosilla
Helianthemum scoparium Sun Rose - grid24_12
Helianthemum scoparium, Sun Rose
Here is a very old photo, circa 1979, of Helianthus gracilentus, Slender Sunflower, a very short-lived perennial sunflower. - grid24_12
Helianthus gracilentus, Dwarf Sunflower
Heliotropium curassavicum wild heliotrope - grid24_12
Heliotropium curassavicum var. oculatum, Wild Heliotrope
Christmas berry or Toyon with berries is what Hollywood was named after. Toyon will grow in most of Los Angeles with no water after first year. - grid24_12
Heteromeles arbutifolia, Toyon is what Hollywood was named after.
Heterotheca grandiflora, Telegraph Weed flowers - grid24_12
Heterotheca grandiflora, Telegraph Weed
Psoralea macrostachya,  Leather Root - grid24_12
Hoita macrostachya, Leather Root
This is an older photo of Holodiscus discolor, Cream Bush, in flower, with the flowering plant perfectly edging the walkway, in our Santa Margarita garden.  - grid24_12
Holodiscus discolor, Cream Bush
Horkelia cuneata Wedgeleaf Horkelia - grid24_12
Horkelia cuneata subsp. cuneata, Wedgeleaf Horkelia
Menzies' goldenbush, Haplopappus venetus  var. sedoides  - grid24_12
Isocoma menziesii var. sedoides, Menzies' goldenbush
A close up of Isocoma - grid24_12
Isocoma menziesii var. vernonioides, Coastal Goldenbush
Here is a photo of a leaflet of Juglans californica, Southern California Walnut, in the Santa Margarita nursery.  - grid24_12
Juglans californica, Southern Black Walnut
Juncus macrophyllus Long leaf rush - grid24_12
Juncus macrophyllus, Long leaf rush
Juncus mexicanus - grid24_12
Juncus mexicanus, Mexican Rush
Juncus textilis Basket Rush - grid24_12
Juncus textilis, Basket Rush used to be common along the Los Angeles River.
Juncus xiphioides Iris Leaved Rush - grid24_12
Juncus xiphioides, Iris Leaved Rush
Climbing Penstemon, Heart leaved Keckiella, or Heartleaf Keckiella, Keckiella cordifolia  is hanging over our driveway and is native from about Santa Margarita  south to San Diego. This Native Penstemon was all over the north and east slopes of Los Angeles and parts of Southern California. A great addition to a native garden. - grid24_12
Keckiella cordifolia, Climbing Penstemon
Koeleria macrantha June Grass - grid24_12
Koeleria macrantha, June Grass
In this very old photo, circa 1980, Lasthenia glabrata, Goldfields, is here living up to its name, in the shadscale scrub of the Carrizo Plains, San Luis Obispo county, California. - grid24_12
Lasthenia californica, Goldfields
Lathyrus laetiflorus alefeldii San Diego Sweetpea - grid24_12
Lathyrus vestitus subsp. alefeldii, San Diego Sweetpea
Lathyrus vestitus Wild Pea - grid24_12
Lathyrus vestitus, Wild Pea
Lepechinia fragrans, Island Pitcher Sage grows on the island and from Ventura, through Los Angeles into the San Gabriel Mountains.  - grid24_12
Lepechinia fragrans, Fragrant Pitcher Sage
Lepidospartum squamatum, Scale Broom, is a strange-looking plant that attracts insect pollinators, and controls erosion here in its seasonal creek habitat.  - grid24_12
Lepidospartum squamatum, Scale Broom
Aaahhh! Here is the very lovely Leptodactylon californicum, Prickly Phlox, which emerges and delights us for such a short time in the spring! - grid24_12
Leptodactylon californicum, Prickly Poppy
Landing gear down, and coming in for a sip of nectar from the flowers of Lobelia cardinalis, Cardinal Flower, is a unidentified hummingbird.  - grid24_12
Lobelia cardinalis, Cardinal Flower
In this photo you can see more detail of the flowers and inflorescence of Lobelia dunnii var. serrata, Dunn's Lobelia. - grid24_12
Lobelia dunnii var. serrata, Blue Lobelia
Lonicera subspicata denudata, San Diego Honeysuckle makes a nice small groundcover. - grid24_12
Lonicera subspicata var. denudata, Chaparral Honeysuckle
Lotus purshianus, Spanish clover, Spanish Lotus  - grid24_12
Lotus purshianus, Spanish Clover
This photo shows the shape, the height, the width, and the flowering pattern of Lotus scoparius, Deerweed, in our Santa Margarita garden.  - grid24_12
Lotus scoparius, Deerweed
lotus strigosus flowers - grid24_12

Lotus strigosus, Bishop's Lotus
Dune lupine flowers - grid24_12
Lupinus chamissonis, Silver Dune Lupine
Lupinus hirsutissimus
Lupinus longifolius
Lupinus sparsiflorus
Lupinus truncatus
missing photos, sorry
Lupinus succulentus Arroyo Lupine.is an annual - grid24_12
Lupinus succulentus, Arroyo Lupine
Plant native plants that are local to your area. They do not have to be grown there, we can grow them here and send them to you! The best plants for an area used to be native there, then you can move away to your California natives and sleep at night knowing your local birds and bees have a home.
Mahonia pinnata Shinyleaf Mahonia planted out and the santa margarita nursery. - grid24_12
Mahonia pinnata, California Barberry
Malacothamnus fasciculatus,  Bush Mallow, here shown in full flower in the summer time in our Santa Margarita, garden.  - grid24_12
Malacothamnus fasciculatus, Bush mallow
Laurel Sumac, Malosma is native in Los Angels and south to San Diego. This was a slope in North San Diego. - grid24_12
Malosma laurina, Laurel Sumac
Marah fabaceus fabaceus Wild Cucumber - grid24_12
Marah macrocarpa is similar to Wild Cucumber
Melica imperfecta,  California Melic - grid24_12
Melica imperfecta, California Melic
Here you can see a side view of a flower of Mimulus cardinalis, Scarlet Monkey Flower. - grid24_12
Mimulus cardinalis, Scarlet Monkey Flower
Mimulus guttatus, Seep Monkey Flower - grid24_12
Mimulus guttatus, Seep Monkey Flower
This monkey flower came from a roadside in Agoura, between Thousand Oaks and Los Angeles. You can put  Los Angeles back into the wild. - grid24_12
Mimulus longiflorus, Agoura Spunky Monkey Flower
This Monkey flower is about 25 years old and was found along Topanga Canyon Rd in west Los Angeles. - grid24_12
Mimulus longiflorus,  Topanga monkey flower. Yes there are monkeys in Los Angeles.
Santa Susana Monkey Flower, Diplacus  rutilus, has a BIG red flower and grows native in North Los Angeles, Pasadena. Los Angeles has GREAT native plants! - grid24_12
Mimulus rutilus, Santa Susana Monkey Flower is a stunning flower right in your hills.
Mirabilis californica, wishbone flower. - grid24_12
Mirabilis laevis, Wishbone Bush
Myrica californica, Pacific Wax Myrtle in Morro Bay - grid24_12
Myrica californica, Pacific Wax Myrtle
Nemophila menziesii, Baby Blue Eyes, can be  massively inhibited by alien species of Erodium, especially Erodium botrys, in the central coast ranges of California.  - grid24_12
Nemophila menziesii, Baby Blue Eyes
Orthocarpus densiflorus, Owl's Clover in a field of grassy weeds - grid24_12
Orthocarpus densiflorus, Owl's Clover
Paeonia californica, California Peony, is somewhat difficult in gardens, as most gardens are watered year-round, and this plant goes completely dormant in late summer.   - grid24_12
Paeonia californica, California Peony
Fire Poppy, Papaver californicum used to cover vast areas of California in the few years when California had massive fires(every few centuries.) - grid24_12
Papaver californicum, Fire Poppy
Pedicularis densiflora Indian Warrior - grid24_12
Pedicularis densiflora, Indian Warrior
This  fern,  Pellaea andromedifolia, Coffee Fern, commonly grows near rocks. - grid24_12
Pellaea andromedifolia, Coffee Fern
Pellaea mucronata, Bird's-Foot Fern, is growing here near granite rocks in the central coast ranges of California.   - grid24_12
Pellaea mucronata, Bird's Foot Fern
Penstemon centranthifolius, Scarlet Bugler flowers grows along the Coastal Counties of Southern California. - grid24_12
Penstemon centranthifolius, Scarlet Bugler
Foothill Penstemon, Penstemon heterophyllus australis is native in most of Southern California.  Shown here in the Santa Margarita garden. - grid24_12
Penstemon heterophyllus, Foothill Penstemon grows in the canyons and hills from inland Malibu through most of the Los Angeles area.
Penstemon spectablis, Showy Monkey flower with an Anna Hummingbird. Hard to beleive this used to be common in the Santa Monica Mtns, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Eagle Rock  and most of Southern California. - grid24_12
Penstemon spectabilis, Showy Penstemon
Pityrogramma triangularis, Goldback Fern, or Pentagramma triangularis ssp. triangularis, is an amazing plant, growing in shade in central oak woodland, Santa Margarita, California. - grid24_12
Pentagramma triangularis, Goldenback Fern
Phacelia grandiflora, Large Flowered Phacelia - grid24_12
Phacelia grandiflora, Large Flowered Phacelia is a huge amazing flower. To bad it's an annual.
Need Photos Phacelia distans
Phacelia minor,
Phacelia parryi
Phacelia viscida
Phacelia imbricata, Pine Bee Flower - grid24_12
Phacelia imbricata, Pine Bee Flower
Phacelia ramosissima austrolitoralis Phacelia - grid24_12
Phacelia ramosissima var. austrolitoralis
Pickeringia montana, Chaparral Pea closeup. Notice the bee butt hanging out of one of the top flowers. - grid24_12
Pickeringia montana, Chaparral Pea
Plantago erecta - Dot-seed Plantain - grid24_12
Plantago erecta, Annual Plantain
Platanus racemosa, California Sycamore, is shown here in an old photo, taken from the old bridge, Santa Margarita, California.  - grid24_12
Platanus racemosa, California sycamore
Pine Bluegrass, Poa scabrella - grid24_12

Poa secunda, One sided Blue Grass
polypodium californicum planted in a stone wall in San Francisco - grid24_12
Polypodium californicum, California Polypody
Potentilla glandulosa,  Sticky Cinquefoil flower - grid24_12

Potentilla glandulosa, Sticky Cinquefoil
Holly Leaf Cherry fruit - grid24_12
Prunus ilicifolia, Holly-Leafed Cherry
Quercus agrifolia, Coast Live Oak in the fog. - grid24_12
Quercus agrifolia, Coast Live Oak
Scrub Oak, Quercus berberidifolia - grid24_12
Quercus berberidifolia. Scrub Oak grows in most of the canyons around Los Angeles.
Quercus lobata, White Oak with fall color. - grid24_12
Quercus lobata, Valley Oak
California buttercup - grid24_12
Ranunculus californicus, Buttercup
Rhamnus crocea, Redberry - grid24_12
Rhamnus crocea, Redberry
Rhamnus crocea ilicifolia Hollyleaf Redberry - grid24_12
Rhamnus crocea ilicifolia, Hollyleaf Redberry
Rhus integrifolia, Lemonade Berry flower cluster. This is a great plant for coastal bluffs from San Diego to San Luis Obispo. In inner San Diego county it looks like a small oak tree with these flowers. - grid24_12
Rhus integrifolia, Leomonade Berry
Rhus ovata, Sugar Bush in the garden. What a great hedge plant. Although it is sometimes called flammable, it is less flammable than most commonly watered garden shrubs, and it needs no water in most of Southern California, in particular Los Angeles. - grid24_12
Rhus ovata, Sugar Bush
Squaw Bush, Rhus trilobata in flower - grid24_12
Rhus trilobata, Squaw Bush Sumac
Ribes aureum gracillimum, Golden Currant with Anna Hummingbird. This native plant grows on the north slopes of Malibu, Latigo,  and through the Los Angeles Basin; San Gabriel Valley. - grid24_12
Ribes aureum var. gracillimum, Golden Currant
Ribes californicum Hillside Gooseberry - grid24_12
Ribes californicum, Hillside Gooseberry
White Chaparral Currant, Ribes indecorum is native from southern Monterey Co., to San Diego, it used to be a common shrub throughout the Los Angeles basin and the Santa Monica Mountains. - grid24_12
Ribes indecorum, White flowering currant
Ribes malvaceum, Pink Chaparral currant flower show. - grid24_12

Ribes malvaceum, Pink Chaparral currant
Intense red flowered shrub for hummingbirds. Can grow under oaks - grid24_12
Ribes speciosum, Fuchsia-Flowering Gooseberry
Rosa californica California wild rose - grid24_12
Rosa californica, California wild rose
Rubus ursinus, Pacific blackberry - grid24_12
Rubus ursinus, Pacific blackberry
Salix laevigata Red Willow - grid24_12
Salix laevigata, Red Willow
Salix lasiolepis, Arroyo Willow, in flower - grid24_12
Salix lasiolepis, Arroyo Willow
Salix lasiandra Pacific willow - grid24_12
Salix lucida subsp. lasiandra, Pacific Willow
White Sage, Salvia apiana flowers. The bumblebees land on the landing pad, then crawl into the flower body. The hummingbirds work the corners of the flowers. - grid24_12
Salvia apiana, White Sage
Chia instead of weeds. - grid24_12
Salvia columbariae, Chia
This Purple Sage was about 30 years old when this picture was taken. Purple sage is a common sage in the Los Angeles area. - grid24_12
Salvia leucophylla, Purple sage
Salvia mellifera, Black sage looking down on Las Pilitas Nursery. - grid24_12
Salvia mellifera, Black Sage
hummingbird sage flower closeup - grid24_12
Salvia spathacea, Hummingbird Sage
Mexican Elderberry, Western Elderberry berries can be eaten raw by some, other folks will be violently ill if they eat them raw. If cooked, all seem to be fine with them. - grid24_12
Sambucus mexicana, Mexican Elderberry
Sanicula bipinnata Poison Sanicle - grid24_12
Sanicula bipinnata, Poison Sanicle
Sanicula crassicaulis, Pacific blacksnakeroot, Pacific Sanicle - grid24_12
Sanicula crassicaulis, Snakeroot
Scirpus californicus California Bulrush - grid24_12
Scirpus californicus, California Bulrush
Scrophularia californica,  California Figwort flowers - grid24_12
Scrophularia californica, California Figwort
Skullcap, Scutellaria tuberosa australis - grid24_12
Scutellaria tuberosa
Senecio douglasii Butterweed - grid24_12
Senecio flaccidus var. douglasii, Butterweed
Another view of Checkerbloom flowers - grid24_12
Sidalcea malviflora, Checkerbloom
Silene laciniata angustifolia,  Red Catchfly with it's red star - grid24_12
Silene laciniata subsp. major, Red Catchfly
Sisyrinchium bellum, Blue Eyed Grass is a frequent resident of open areas from the coast inland to where the housing starts getting reasonable. In some places Blue Eyed grass is native, with no extra water, on hillsides as far 50 miles inland. In moist spots this iris can be found in much of California, even bordering the desert. It used to be all over the parking lot at the  Topanga  RCD, Los Angeles. - grid24_12
Sisyrinchium bellum, Blue-Eyed Grass
Solanum douglasii White Nightshade - grid24_12
Solanum douglasii, White Nightshade
Solanum xanti, Purple Nightshade with it's hanging flowers - grid24_12
Solanum xanti, Purple Nightshade
California Goldenrod is native on the Santa Margarita nursery site. It grows on a north slope in red clay and in most gravel. - grid24_12
Solidago velutina subsp. californica, California Goldenrod
Stachys albens, White hedge nettle gets realy white under drought stress, green in a mountain meadow. - grid24_12
Stachys albens, White hedge nettle
Stachys bullata, Hedge Nettle plant likes moist sun or part shade. - grid24_12
Stachys bullata, Hedge Nettle
Stipa cernua, Nodding needlegrass with seeds. - grid24_12
Stipa cernua, Nodding needlegrass
Stipa lepida Foothill Stipa - grid24_12
Stipa lepida, Foothill Stipa
Stipa pulchra, Purple Stipa in an opening in Central oak woodland, not a true grassland. - grid24_12
Stipa pulchra, Purple Needle Grass
Symphoricarpos mollis. Southern California Snowberry has pink flowers and white berries. - grid24_12
Symphoricarpos mollis, Creeping Snowberry
Thalictrum polycarpum Meadow Rue - grid24_12
Thalictrum fendleri var. polycarpum, Meadow Rue
Trichostema lanatum, Woolly Blue Curls used to grow native through the Santa Monica Mountains, Santa Catalina Island, up through Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles, Riverside,  up to Monterey and south to San Diego.  - grid24_12
Trichostema lanatum, Woolly Blue Curls
Vinegar weed and Turpentine weed. - grid24_12
Trichostema lanceolatum, Turpentine weed
Typha domingensis Southern Cat-Tail - grid24_12
Typha domingensis, Southern Cat-Tail
Umbellularia californica, Bay Laurel flowers are pollinated by flies and gnats. - grid24_12

Umbellularia californica, California Bay
Urtica holosericea Hoary Nettle - grid24_12
Urtica dioica subsp. holosericea, Giant Stinging Nettle
Venegasia carpesioides, Canyon Sunflower can be found on the north slopes and peaks of the Santa Monica Mountains and throughout greater Los Angeles. - grid24_12
Venegasia carpesioides, Canyon Sunflower grows on north slopes among rocks.
Verbena lasiostachys Western Vervain - grid24_12
Verbena lasiostachys, California Vervain
Viola pedunculata, Violet clump - grid24_12
Viola pedunculata, California Golden Violet
Vitis girdiana, Southern California Grape used to live in the riparian areas throughout the Los Angeles basin. - grid24_12
Vitis girdiana, Southern California Grape
Woodwardia fimbriata Giant Chain Fern - grid24_12
Woodwardia fimbriata, Giant Chain Fern
Here is a Yucca whipplei at the top of the Susana grade in north Los Angeles. - grid24_12
Yucca whipplei, Chaparral Yucca
The flowers on Zauschneria cana are a little different from most California fuchsias. Hard to believe that these flowers used toi cover the hills around Los Angeles. - grid24_12
The flowers on Zauschneria cana are a little different from most California fuchsias.
Zigadenus fremontii, Star Lily in the ground. Usually shallow soil on top. - grid24_12
Zigadenus fremontii, Star Lily
Here is a picture of the few remaining native plants above Los Angeles. The rocks are protecting the natives from the weeds and the fires that come with weeds. This area should burn every 200 years or so, not every year. Weeds can burn at any time. - grid24_12
The Los Angeles basin has a lot of people and a lot of mustard. It's missing a lot of native plants and trees. If someone could figure out how to get rid of the weeds, which would stop most of the fires that would be lovely. You'd see green hillsides full of birds and other wildlife and the climate would become much more moderate again in the basin.
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