Here are some popular and easy native plants for San Diego.

Native plants for full sun in San Diego:

These plants should be considered when building a native garden or a wildlife garden in San Diego or Southern California. Doesn't look like plastic plants and a lawn? Looks different to the birds and butterflies too.
Encelia farinosa  Brittlebush, Goldenhills, Incienso in full flower. It will do this in most of Southern California with no irrigation. - grid24_12
Encelia farinosa is a big daisy that needs no water after the first summer in most of San Diego County. Yes, even Hellhole Canyon.
Lonicera subspicata denudata, San Diego Honeysuckle makes a nice small groundcover. - grid24_12
Lonicera subspicata grows as a mounding grouncover in the mountains and coastal areas of San Diego.
This bush mallow is native to South California and does well in Los Angeles and San Diego. - grid24_12
Malacothamnus densiflorus, Many Flowered Bushmallow grows from Hellhole Canyon across to San Diego City.
Laurel Sumac, Malosma is native in Los Angels and south to San Diego. This was a slope in North San Diego. - grid24_12
Malosma laurina, Laurel Sumac grows in most of the populated areas of San Diego.
When Penstemon centranthifolius, Scarlet Bugler, is massed it can be very showy. I've come across clumps like this from San Luis Obispo, North Los Angeles  and  San Diego. - grid24_12
Penstemon centranthifolius, Scarlet Bugler grows from Jacumba. to San Diego and up into middle California.
Penstemon spectablis, Showy Monkey flower with an Anna Hummingbird. Hard to beleive this used to be common in the Santa Monica Mtns, Los Angeles, Pasadena, Eagle Rock  and most of Southern California. - grid24_12
Penstemon spectabilis, Showy Penstemon can be found from the desert to the coast in most of Southern California.
Rhus integrifolia, Lemonade Berry flower cluster. This is a great plant for coastal bluffs from San Diego to San Luis Obispo. In inner San Diego county it looks like a small oak tree with these flowers. - grid24_12
Rhus integrifolia, Lemonade Berry makes a groundcover near the coast, a small tree in the edge of the desert.
Rhus ovata, Sugar Bush in the garden. What a great hedge plant. Although it is sometimes called flammable, it is less flammable than most commonly watered garden shrubs, and it needs no water in most of Southern California, in particular Los Angeles. - grid24_12
Rhus ovata, Sugarbush makes a large bush in all of San Diego county.

Native plants for part sun in San Diego:

If the summer temperatures are cool, and there is some moisture near by, these plants will grow in full sun.

Here are a few native plants that you can try in shade.

A native plant garden with a number of San Diego native plants. This planting has been in for about 12 years with no water.
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