Two Pale Swallowtail Butterflies on one Salvia clevelandii Alpine. This sage has been been a wildlife magnet in the garden. - grid24_12
Be a big game hunter in your own yard. Try to take a photo of your own butterflies visiting your nature preserve, your yard.
Pale Swallowtails on Salvia clevelandii 'Alpine'.
Bumblebee on Buckwheat flowers. - grid24_12
California Bumblebees
Monarch Butterfly, Danaus plexippus on a native red thistle - grid24_12
Butterflies of California
American PaintedL Lady Butterfly larva on a Gnaphalium - grid24_12
Butterfly plants in California
A spying Tree Squirrel - grid24_12
Critter problems, what to do when animals are not playing fair
A bomber dropping fire retardant across the street from the nursery. - grid24_12
Deer and fire
White Sage, Salvia apiana with hummingbird. - grid24_12
Hummingbird plants
An immature male Anna Hummingbird. - grid24_12
Coiled Western Diamond Back Rattlesnake in the shade, not a place to put hand - grid24_12
Reptiles and Amphibians
Gopher laughing at camera - grid24_12
Rodents (all we have is the gopher, sorry)
Western Toad  (Bufo boreas) or specifcally Anaxyrus boreas halophilus , California Toad needs a safe place in the garden where you do not spray or shovel for the 30 years that he can live. - grid24_12
Wildlife Garden
Green Sweat Bee, Agapostemon - grid24_12
Wildlife garden for small landscapes
Every Morning Penny takes Lily to school and these two Coyotes watch..
Even a small pond can be a habit for a Pacific tree Frog.
Native plants are alive.
Here are Western Bluebirds in Mahonia nevinii
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