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California Wildlife

If you like looking at birds and butterflies, hiking in the wilds, or even a neat and clean garden, you should love native plants and a California Garden. Gardening and landscaping should be FUN! Instead of a dirty motel or sleeping bag, vacation in your own yard knowing you are making a home for wildlife. Wildlife conservation begins at home and the birds, butterflies and other wildlife in the urban interfaces are at risk.

Two Pale Swallowtail Butterflies on one Salvia clevelandii Alpine. This sage has been been a wildlife magnet in the garden. - grid24_12
Be a big game hunter in your own yard. Try to take a photo of your own butterflies visiting your nature preserve, your yard.
Pale Swallowtails on Salvia clevelandii 'Alpine'.
Gopher laughing at camera - grid24_6
Rodents (all we have is the gopher, sorry)

Every Morning Penny takes Lily to school and these two Coyotes watch..

Even a small pond can be a habit for a Pacific tree Frog.

Native plants are alive.
Here are Western Bluebirds in Mahonia nevinii