A Gallery of random California images

(And maybe a video or two.)

These images are photos we thought you might find interesting as we move around California and the nursery. They do not fit into many of the other pages. Some are there to give you a feel as to the diversity of California, some are just fun.
There is no meaningful order to this madness. We area native grower after all...
Costa Hummingbird on Trichostema lanatum - grid24_12
Native plants attract native animals.
Looking south  into Kelso Valley  - grid24_12
A Pinyon Juniper woodland after a fire. - grid24_12
looking west from  San Bruno - grid24_12
A image of Joshua Tree Park - grid24_12
No one told us we'd have all these visitors when we bought this place. Coastal bluff in Shell Beach. - grid24_12
Looking eastward from the top of Big Sur - grid24_12
A Coastal beach along the Big Sur Coast. - grid24_12
Kings Canyon - grid24_12
Oak Apples. Stem galls on a Quercus lobata. - grid24_12
Looking Westward from the top of Big Sur. - grid24_12
A Boat coming into the harbor at Morro Bay - grid24_12
Looking up into the slopes of Santa Barbara. - grid24_12
One of the streets of San Francisco - grid24_12
Looking down onto San Francisco. - grid24_12
Driving on a back road between Riverdale and Hhuron. - grid24_12
Clouds pilled up against Cuesta Pass looking north from just north of San Luis Obispo. - grid24_12
It is common for the top of Cuesta Ridge to have clouds.
Some days it's not great working outside. We still pulled plants out of this and shipped them to your warm spring like location. - grid24_12
Looking at the forest south of Big Bear City - grid24_12
Ducks in two foot of water along Huer Huero Creek. - grid24_12
This section of Carrizo Plains was dry farmed in wheat for decades.  Not much left but Bromus. - grid24_12
Here's the wind farm west of Mojave, at night you can see the beacons from about Barstow. - grid24_12
Some of us get dressed up and never get out of the car. I've not yet got her to drive, she can't reach the pedals. - grid24_12
Out near the Nevada Border, Apache Plume and Joshua Tree. - grid24_12
Southern San Benito County is some rough county. - grid24_12
Farmers Market in San Luis Obispo has about 200 vendors from Solvang to Stockton - grid24_12
In and around Phelan. - grid24_12
Between San Bernardino and Big Bear City. - grid24_12
East of Shandon on hwy. 46. This used to be Shadscale Scrub, now it's mostly Foxtail and Filaree.. - grid24_12
In many of our cruises we pas the Pacific Trail. - grid24_12
Looking over Salvia dorrii out into the desert. - grid24_12
This 'road' dropped down to a motorcycle trail in a hundred feet or so. - grid24_12
Lily Rock at  Idyllwild - grid24_12
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