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Zauschneria latifolia johnstonii, Aster chilensis and Chrysothamnus nauseosus all flower in late fall.
 - grid24_12
Zauschneria latifolia johnstonii, Rabbit Brush and Aster chilensis all flower in fall.
One of our little Bushtits looking for aphids on a California Aster. - grid24_12
One of are favorite photos was of a bushtit in a California Aster
This native plant grows on the edges of salty marshes, or in a conventional garden. GREAT for butterflies. - grid24_12
Joaquin Sunflower grows in wet spots. Before you pop-pop it, it doesn't need much to produce a lot of flowers that the butterflies love.
Brickellia californica  Brickellbush flowers - grid24_12
Brickellbush smells like someone is making an sinful good batch of vanilla cookies .
Ericameria cuneata Wedgeleaf Goldenbush - grid24_12
Wedgeleaf Goldenbush likes to grow on walls or in rocks.
seaside daisy, San Simeon. Some of these areas are hard to define. Is this coastal strand, coastal sage scrub or coastal prairie? Probably coastal prairie. - grid24_12
Seaside Daisy is really a seaside daisy.
Erigeron glaucus, Cape Sebastian works well as a small ground cover or in a pot or container.  - grid24_12
Cape Sebastian is a heavy flowering form of Seaside Daisy.
Erigeron Wayne Roderick Daisy planted as a small groundcover or border. With a little water has worked well everywhere in California we've tried it. - grid24_12
Wayne Roderick Daisy flowers, you trim it, it flowers.
Erysimum menziesii - grid24_12
Menzies' wallflower grows in the beach sand around Santa Cruz. Here it commonly flowers when we get a couple or rain storms.
A close up of Isocoma - grid24_12
Isocoma grows right along the coastal bluffs, but does ok in our garden.
Isomeris arborea, Bladderpod, with its pretty yellow flowers, and strange-shaped fruits, sticks out in a garden, and is at its optimum, in dry, sunny, winter-cool, summer-hot  areas.  - grid24_12
Bladderpod seems to flower all the time.
White Chaparral Currant, Ribes indecorum is native from southern Monterey Co., to San Diego, it used to be a common shrub throughout the Los Angeles basin and the Santa Monica Mountains. - grid24_12
White Chaparral Currant can flower in late fall, winter or spring, according to the weather.
Ribes malvaceum, Pink Chaparral currant flower show. - grid24_12
Pink Chaparral currant. also can flower in late fall, winter or spring, according to the weather.
If you've not figured it out yet, Salvia clevelandii Alpine is a great wildlife plant. - grid24_12
Alpine Cleveland sage seems to flower forever. May to December.
California Goldenrod is native on the Santa Margarita nursery site. It grows on a north slope in red clay and in most gravel. - grid24_12
California Goldenrod grows on north slopes or in seasonally wet spots. Flowers for a couple of months in summer and fall.
Narrowleaf California fuchsia, Zauschneria cana 'Hollywood Flame'  in flower. California fuchsia works very well in a container or pot.  This narrow leaf form was around western Los Angeles, Thousand Oaks and Santa Monica - grid24_12
Narrowleaf California Fuchsia live along the coast in Southern California. Will grow in a native garden in most of the state.
Zauschneria latifolia johnstonii in flower. This California fuchsia makes a great show in late summer - grid24_12
Bush California Fuchsia is a big California Fuchsia that will make a splash in any garden..
Mattole River California Fuchsia, Zauschneria septentrionalis makes a real flower show - grid24_12
Mattole River Fuchsia is usually in flower from September through the first hard frost, about the first of December. Light frosts do not bother it.
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