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Aster chilensis

California Aster and Symphyotrichum chilense.

1Gal Container (Up to 0)
California aster ( Symphyotrichum chilense) has summer flowers that make showy cheerful displays along roadsides of much of Coastal Southern California. Great for a woodland shade garden or full sun flower garden along the coast. This plant is well liked by our native moths and butterflies as a nectar source. This perennial aster will disappear (or need to be pruned to the ground) in winter, only to reappear the next spring. If you plant along with Solidago californica (California Goldenrod) and Zauschneria 'Catalina' or Zauschneria cana the flower bed will come alive in late summer and on through the first frosts. Use in an English style perennial garden to mix in with the larger forbs.
Syn. Symphyotrichum chilense.

Aster chilensis tolerates clay.
Aster chilensis is great for a butterfly garden.
Foliage of Aster chilensis is deciduous.
Flower of Aster chilensis has color blue.

Communities for Aster chilensis:Coastal Sage Scrub, Coastal Salt Marsh, Freshwater Marsh, Mixed-evergreen Forest and Southern Oak Woodland.

ph: 5.00 to 7.00
usda: 6 to 10
height[m]: 0.70 to 1.20
width[m]: 0.50 to 1.00
rainfall[cm]: 31.00 to 300.00

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