Trichostema lanatum, Woolly Blue Curls used to grow native through the Santa Monica Mountains, Santa Catalina Island, up through Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles, Riverside,  up to Monterey and south to San Diego.  - grid24_12
Native plants in flower in May
Western Columbine was on the edge of a meadow at 7400 ft, 2100 meters in the Sierras but grows fine in most native gardens. This native plant is easy to grow in a shady conventional garden. - grid24_12
Native plants in flower in August
This native plant grows on the edges of salty marshes, or in a conventional garden. GREAT for butterflies. - grid24_12
Native plants in flower in November.
California redbud with Golden currant behind it. Both are native plants. - grid24_12
Native plants in flower in February

We've tried to cover all aspects of a native garden, native plants and animals.

Why not put a low groundcover in the front yard. Make it harder for that neighbor dog and better for the local hummingbirds. Not to mention lowering your water bill.
California Buckwheat as a ground  cover. No extra water. Native plants are beautiful.  What would a non-native plant look like with no water in midsummer? - grid24_12
Buckwheats are natural throughout California
Ceanothus Tassajara Blue with no extra water in Escondido. - grid24_12
Ceanothus or Mountain Lilac grows in California. Most Ceanothus plants are natural only in California.
This little Hummingbird was watching as I took his picture on the Salvia apiana compacta. Native plants can bring life to you garden, naturally. - grid24_12
Native Sages or Salvias, of California and Plants that attract Hummingbirds to your garden
 Arctostaphylos refugioensis, Refugio Manzanita with Anna Hummingbird in a natural setting created in your yard. - grid24_12
California is home to manzanitas and hummingbirds!
This California native plant photo is one of the most frequently stolen images on the web. Agoura Monkey flower with Salvia clevelandii Alpine along the driveway in 2003. - grid24_12
Monkey flowers are rumored to have monkeys in their flowers.
I pushed a few gallon containers together so you can visualize a California wildflower bouquet. Native plants are beautiful and can create a spectacular garden. - grid24_12
Where have all the wildflowers gone? Plant them in your garden...
10 easy native plants.
Penstemon spectabilis, Showy Penstemon is a natural in a large perennial garden. You can still have a perennial garden with no water, just use native plants. - grid24_12
Penstemons are wonderful perennials.
Young Coast Redwood, Sequoia sempervirens along the Big Sur Coast - grid24_12
California Native trees
Satureja mimuloides, Monkeyflower Savory grows in moist shade and is one of the few native plants that will tolerate an over-watered regular garden. - grid24_12
Many native plants are supposed to be ok as herbs.
Ribes sanguineum glutinosum, Pink-Flowered Currant (wetter spot) mixed with Golden Currant,  Ribes aureum gracillimum (drier spot). - grid24_12
California has many Currants and Gooesberries
A Rufous crowned sparrow, Aimophila ruficeps is a  natural checker-outer. Like little chickens, they'll peck anything once. - grid24_12
Native plants may be edible.
But an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
Quercus-cornelius-mulleri as a tree along Hwy. 18 North of Big Bear. This oak is native to much of interior Southern California. - grid24_12
We have pictures and descriptions for most California Oaks.
Cercidium floridum, Palo Verde, sometimes called Blue Palo Verde. Without the flowers this native has a blue smoky silhouette. One of the few plants with any height out in the desert.   - grid24_12
Native Trees are some of the drought tolerant plants that are native to California.
Cornus stolonifera, Red Stem Dogwood fall color with it's red stems makes the California stems turn red in fall. - grid24_12
Some native plants show winter color.
Buckeye Butterfly on a Rabbitbrush flower. This nondescript native plant comes alive in fall, butterflies are commonly on it  until frost. - grid24_12
A butterfly list of associated plants so you can make a butterfly garden, or you can look up Butterflies
Costa's Hummingbird on Mojave beardtongue, Penstemon incertus. This native plant grows along the Southern Sierras. - grid24_12
Native plants attract native birds. Also which plants atrract which pollinators?
Close up of Ceanothus Mill's Glory flowers. Un-watered California native plants can better than watered non-native plants. - grid24_12
Ceanothus species, Mountain Lilacs live mostly in California.
Salvia Celestial Blue is REALLY blue. Native plants are wonderfully fragrant and colorful. Celestial Blue has grown into a six ft. bush with no irrigation in both Los Angeles and San Diego. You'll have to water it a few times to start it, but then it's a natural! - grid24_12
Native Plants are amazing! Here are the flowers of Salvia Celestial Blue
Salvia spathacea, Topanga Hummingbird sage. Areas of Western Los Angeles used to look like this. - grid24_12
We have made a picture page of
Los Angeles Native plants
Bombus californicus is native to California to British Columbia and east to Colorado.  - grid24_12
Nature in California includes Bumblebees and other pollinators.
Ribes speciosum, Fuchsia flowered Gooseberry, in flower with Anna Hummingbird. This native plant is 6 ft. of thorns and flowers. The birds love it. - grid24_12
Currants and Gooseberries that are native to California.
Eriogonum nudum pubiflorum, Naked buckwheat in its native habitat. - grid24_12
Buckwheats native to of California.
Lonicera hispidula, Chaparral Honeysuckle, is native in coastal California, seen here  ten feet up in a bush. - grid24_12
Honeysuckles in California?

California Native Plants

Native plants are beautiful and full of LIFE! Native flies, bees, bumblebees, birds, hummingbirds, even lizards. show up in a native garden. 'Wild' life shows up even in remote town gardens. Your garden can be as wonderful as a great movie, full of intrigue and cinematic colore.

Native gardens need about one tenth the water that 'drought tolerant' non-native gardens need. (We have no sprinkler systems on the motherstock areas.) If you pick native plants that grow in your area naturally, you can be a natural! (Some call these native plant nuts...)

Here are some of the pages that we've written for specific groups of native plants. This page is meant to be a window into some of the web pages that we've produced about native plants. We've written about 2000 urls so far trying to address all aspects of native plants, native plant gardens and details about each nursery.

Native plants like Mahonia nevinii attract native wildlife like Western Bluebirds.
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