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California Fuchsia, Zauschneria or Epilobium canum

Here are some of the California fuchsias in the trade and native to ... California.

California fuchsia has a scientific name that has moved a lot. For the moment most them have been lumped together as Epilobium canum. We still prefer the older names that used Zauschneria and think that, with time, Zauschneria may come back.
California Fuchsias have colors from white, pink to orange and red. Gray foliage and green foliage. Wide leaves and narrow leaves. They commonly grow where there is extra moisture in the winter and spring, gradually drying through fall. The prefer cool sun, but tolerate part-shade or hot sun with moisture.
California fuchsia works well in California gardens from San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and into Fresno. - grid24_12

Zauschneria californica Bert's Bluff

is a little mound of fluff that explodes into reddish orange in late summer and into fall.Although it came from a coastal bluff it does great in most of California and is bout drip and drought tolerant(as are many of the California Fuchsias).
Zauschneria californica, Berts Bluff being worked by an Anna Hummingbird. Native bird on a native plant.  - grid24_6
(Syn Epilobium canum, 'Bert's Bluff')

A short video about Zauschneria Bert's Bluff. A red California Fuchsia.

This California fuchsia is a fire red thing with red Bert's Bluff flowers. Native plants are amazing! Naturally! This planting was in San Luis Obispo in heavy adobe soil.
Zauschneria californica Bert;s Bluff, as California Fuschia flower - grid24_12

Zauschneria californica, Catalina Island California Fuchsia is  a rather large red flowering perennial. LOVED by hummingbirds.
Dogface Butterfly working a Zauschneria - grid24_6
(Syn Epilobium canum, 'Catalina')

A short movie about Zauschneria Catalina.

Zauschneria Catalina, The flowers of California Fuchsia from the Channel islands.
Zauschneria californica Catalina, AKA Epilobium canum, Catalina with an Anna Hummingbird  - grid24_12

Zauschneria californica,
Pink California Fuchsia

likes garden conditions. Fun sun near coast, part shade inland.
(Syn. Epilobium canum)
Pink Zauchneria, Epilobium, California fuchsia.  - grid24_6

Anna Hummingbird working the flowers of Pink Zauschneria

Pink California Fuchsia bush can be used a pink ground cover.
Zauschneria california, Pink California fuchsia  - grid24_12

Flowers of the white form of California fuchsia, Zauschneria or  Epilobium.
White flowering California Fuchsia, Zauschneria californica likes part shade and regular water.
(Syn. Epilobium canum)

An Anna Hummingbird working the flowers of California Fuchsia.

California fuchsia flowers - grid24_6
California Fuchsia flowers.

Narrow leaf 'Hollywood Flame' California fuchsia flowers - grid24_12
Narrow Leaf California Fuchsia, Zauschneria cana is common from the Santa Ynez Mountains to Los Angeles, but grows up into Monterey County. The form we grow is consistent with the forms between Malibu and Brentwood.
(syn. Epilobium canum subsp. canum)

Zauschneria garrettii, Hummingbird trumpet makes a nice rock garden plant
Zauschneria garrettii, Hummingbird trumpet is a small California Fuchsia from the desert mountains. This one likes full sun and to be amoungst the rocks.

This California fuchsia grows in the mountains up to about 7000 ft. - grid24_12

Zauschneria latifolia, Mountain California Fuchsia
grows in the mountains of California.
This California fuchsia is liked by hummingbirds. - grid24_12
Zauschneria latifolium Laguna Mountain came from the San Diego County mountains.

Anna Hummingbird on a Zauschneria latifolia johnstonii, California fuchsia  - grid24_12
Zauschneria latifolia johnstonii, Bush California Fuchsia grows along the desert edges. It can grow big to the delight of the hummingbirds.

A Zauschneria septentrionalis,(Epilobium sept.) Mattole California fuchsia works well in container, large pot or small entry garden. - grid24_12
Zauschneria septentrionalis Mattole River California Fuchsia makes a mound of gray that turns orange in late summer and into fall. It loves heavy soils, part shade and some water.
Syn. Epilobium canum ssp. septentrionale

A short video about Zauschneria septentrionalis, Mattole River White Leaf Fuchsia or Mattole River Fuchsia.