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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Celeste Wilson is a contributing editor of She has an M.S. in Biology and can spell. Since the other contributors, Bert and Penny, can't spell, she is usually the final editor.
Celeste is very interested in all things to do with native plants, nature and agriculture. From kale to chickens, cows to horses, we've had them among the native plants, rabbits, foxes and other wildlife.
She is also the taxonomist and bookkeeper for Las Pilitas Nursery.
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Celeste's Google Profile
Celeste Wilson up in the Sierras in 2011. Looking at a pine id booklet. Celeste got us into native plants in the early 1970's. - grid24_6
Celeste up in the Sierras at Sequoia Park in 2011.
Celeste in the San Luis Obispo garden in 1978 - grid24_6
Celeste in the garden at the old house in San Luis Obispo in 1977.