Penny Nyunt used to be Penny Wilson. She has lived for most of her life on or next to Las Pilitas Nursery. She managed to get a B.S. in Biology driving from 70 miles from King City every day. After working at Safeway and getting her degree she moved back to Las Pilitas to help in the nursery. She has been in the nursery for much of the last decade. She is a contributing editor to and has written articles for many magazines such as Fine Gardening.
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Penny exploring with a camera east of Barstow. - grid24_12
Penny in desert east of Barstow with her weapon of choice, her camera.
Celeste and Penny weeding while Ian was supervising in about 1992. The photos were not dated, so just a guess. - grid24_12
Celeste and Penny weeding in the nursery in the early 1990's. Ian was supervising.
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