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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Here are a few pictures of the Plant Communities of California.

About a third of all the plant species that grow in the United States grow in California.
We've managed to grow about 1200 of those. Here are some pictures of the diverse plant communities that occur in California. If you want to donate better ones, we'd love some of them.
If the weeds are not there, California is amazing! When an annual native plant is done flowering it almost disappears and is nearly fire proof. Large areas of California used to look like this in spring. Can you imagine what inner Los Angeles could look like if it was still natural? - grid24_12
Openings in the Central Oak woodland or Foothill woodland plant community.used to look like this.
A broad view of central oak woodland. The wildflowers have been replaced with weedy grasses. - grid24_12
Weeds have replaced the wildflowers in most of California's Central Oak Woodland.
Chaparral in the Southern Sierras. - grid24_12
Sierran Chaparral is a form of the chaparral plant community.
A coastal hillside of sticky monkey flower in a coastal sage scrub plant community. - grid24_12
Much of the populated areas of Southern California used to look like this. NOT BROWN! Coastal Sage Scrub in early summer.
Cliff Buckwheat, California Sage brush and some Dudleyas on a coastal Bluff. - grid24_12
The California Coastal strand plant community can be on clay or sand.
Creosote Woodland up by Red Rock Canyon - grid24_12
If it wasn't so HOT, Creosote Bush Scrub is a great place to live.
Here is a Riparian area in the desert mountains. - grid24_12
California riparian areas and its plants are quite different than most of California.