Chaparral in the Southern Sierras. - grid24_12
Sierran Chaparral is a form of the chaparral plant community.
Down by the Mexican border right before the Border Patrol ran the dog through the car. - grid24_12
South of Phelan where chaparral and Joshua Tree plant communities come together. - grid24_12
Chaparral, Joshua Tree and Juniper Woodland.
Coastal Salt Marsh in Baywood-Morro Bay - grid24_12
Coastal Salt Marsh or California's Coastal Salt marsh community
Coastal strand with Sand Verbena - grid24_12
Coastal Strand .
Cliff Buckwheat, California Sage brush and some Dudleyas on a coastal Bluff. - grid24_12
The California Coastal strand plant community can be on clay or sand.
Creosote Woodland up by Red Rock Canyon - grid24_12
If it wasn't so HOT, Creosote Bush Scrub is a great place to live.
Creosote and Encelia out in the Creosote plant community. - grid24_12
Creosote woodland Barstow - grid24_12
A description and list of plants that occur in the desert plant community Creosote scrub.
Douglas fir forest - grid24_12
Douglas Fir Forest is mostly a ways from us.California Douglas Fir Plant Community and its plants.
A pond or fresh water marsh in Northern California infected with water hyacinth. - grid24_12
California freshwater marsh or Freshwater Marsh plants
Sage Brush scrub. - grid24_12
California Great Basin Sagebrush Plant Community.
Joshua trees and Encelia Actonii along the eastern side of the Southern Sierras - grid24_12
California Joshua Tree Plant Community has high summer temperatures and a great deal of wildlife.
Joshua Tree Woodland with cottonthorn and Interior Buckwheat - grid24_12
Joshua Tree Woodland
Salvia dorrii, purple desert sage with a sea of butterflies. To bad the Joshua Trees will not support a hammock.  - grid24_12
Lundy canyon with Sierra snow melt washing thorough Columbine, Aquilegia formosa, Monkey flower, Pinus contorta ssp. murrayana, lodgepole pine - grid24_12
California’s lodgepole plant community
Penstemon heterodoxus at 7400 ft.  under lodgepole and ponderosa pine - grid24_12
Lodgepole Forest plants.
Lodgepole pine trees, I think, at 7500 ft. in the Sierra - grid24_12
A rather dry mountain meadow in the Southern Sierras - grid24_12
Mountain Meadow
Looking across a mountain meadow to Red Fir trees. Helenium bigelovii, Bigelows Sneezeweed in for ground. - grid24_12
California has some wonderful mountain meadow plant communities full of wildflowers and butterflies.
California is beautiful, the paintbrush plants add a little color to the Pinyon Juniper woodland.The green is a Ephedra, the gray is a Big basin Sage. - grid24_12
The pinyon juniper woodland plant community in California.
Abies magnifica,  Red Fir in the southern Sierras - grid24_12
The California Red Fir Community and it's plants.
coastal redwood forest inderstory - grid24_12
Redwood Forest and its native plants.
The Salinas River at Las Pilitas Rd. The riparian area is all within the photo. - grid24_12
The top of Kaweah River. Riparian plant communities can be only a few feet wide in the upper Sierras. - grid24_12
Here is a Riparian area in the desert mountains. - grid24_12
California riparian areas and its plants are quite different than most of California.
Shadscale scrub plant community with Goldfields and Tidy tips between the Atriplex. - grid24_12
The Shadscale plant community probably never burned before Europeans brought weeds. Now when it burns there's not much left as this picture shows. A wasteland. - grid24_12
The California Shadscale Scrub Plant community has mostly Atriplex and wildflowers. If it burns, weeds replace the natives.
One of the edges of the sagebrush community. - grid24_12
California Sagebrush Plant Communityand its plants
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