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Ceanothus Julia Phelps flowers a deep purple. - grid24_12
Ceanothus or Mountain Lilac flowering times.
Salvia clevelandii,  Alpine Sage. with a Costa Hummingbird. California plants attract California birds. - grid24_12
Costs in converting a front yard into native plants.
The polymer crystals are in the mix on the left, regular mix on the right. Diseases are sometimes induced by us. - grid24_12
Diseases of native plants
Manzanita, Ceanothus and Oaks - grid24_12
Ecological overview of California native plants
Fragaria californica Wood Strawberry is edible and although small, tasty. It does well in a container. - grid24_12
Edible native plants, or you might not die from eating from native plants. Then again.
The fire that burned all the manzanitas(the gray spots) behind Las Pilitas nursery in 1979. - grid24_12
Fire from a prespective a native plant 'expert' that was a fireman for 14 years.
Frankia root nodules on a Ceanothus. These are GOOD! - grid24_12
Frankia, nitrogen fixation.
An old photo of a fragrant path. - grid24_12
Garden Hygiene
Yerba Buena, Satureja douglasii is a beautiful flat green ground cover that smells good and some use as tea. - grid24_12
Herbs class
Predrill the holes before you put the screws in or you'll split the wood. - grid24_12
How to build stuff
Sorry, anyone can be a garden designer. Pencil behind your ear , Sunset Western garden Book, and a lot of noisy self-assertiveness. There are some good designers, but  how to separate  bags of air from the knowledgeable ones? Questions, do a little of you homework first. Learn some of the plants, something as simple as a few trees, perennials and annuals. Use the tree name like it's a perennial, the annual like a tree and see what happens. Let the games begin! - grid24_12
How to Design a garden using Native Plants
The flat of vegetables before they were planted out. In a city balcony you could grow these. - grid24_12
How to grow native plants with a veggie garden.
quiz flower is colorful ain't it? - grid24_12
How to key out a flower.
Even the garden gnomes can help plant. When to plant doesn't matter in coastal California. What to plant is another mater. Plant native plants. - grid24_12
How to plant a California Native Plant
This area of the San Joaquin Valley used to have blue oaks, cactus and TONS of poppies. - grid24_12
How to take care of your oak. Hug your oak.
Rose Sage and Mountain Desert Sage, Salvia pachyphylla was spotted all over this slope. Native landscaping in the wild. - grid24_12
Landscaping with California Native Plants
One of the burnt leaves after the test. - grid24_12
Leaf Burn Times of native plants
Christmas berry or Toyon  bush occurs up and down the California coast and Sierras. - grid24_12
Los Angeles native plants
A young Anna's hummingbird sticking his tongue out at the photographer. - grid24_12
Myths and Wives' Tales about Native Plants
tacking two little greenhouses together is tacky - grid24_12
Native Plant Propagation
Nitrogen fixing nodules. - grid24_12
Nitrogen fixation
This is what the corn looks like after the rabbit eats it. - grid24_12
flower quiz - grid24_12
Quizzes about California stuff
everyone who tasted these currant tarts liked them, unfortunately the cook ate most of them - grid24_12
Recipe for Black Currant Tarts
The tree roots in early spring seem to warm and melt the snow. - grid24_12
Roots of native plants and how they work.
These buckwheats appeared to be growing quite well off of rainfall south of Lemore along Hwy 41. The only non-watered things other than tumbleweeds that were alive. - grid24_12
San Joaquin Valley tolerant plants
If you've not figured it out yet, Salvia clevelandii Alpine is a great wildlife plant. - grid24_12
School Garden with California Native Plants
a east facing versus south facing chaparral slope - grid24_12
Slopes and erosion control
Cortaderia selloana , Pampas grass. Vandenberg had 2 plants in 1980, 100,000+ in 1995. - grid24_12
Weed control
Las Pilitas Nursery after the 1979 fire before we got the first water tank up. - grid24_12
What to do after a wildfire.
Change the grade around an oak and the oak dies. This one died in about 20 years. - grid24_12
What to plant under an oak.
Northern Flicker, Colaptes auratus eating ants - grid24_12
Woodpeckers, Bluebirds, Monarchs, Swallowtails and other Birds or Butterflies
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