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Each resource island usually needs water for the year. We usually use a microsprinkler, rainbird or MP-rotator to water a full circle and we put the fence line where the circle of water covers. If the circle is larger than 50 foot the deer will jump into the enclosure and actualy live in the 'safe house'. If you like to gamble, you can try these without irrigation, on wet years they will or just fine. On dry years you will lose the entire planting.

The resource island should include a mixture of pioneer and secondary pioneer plants from you area. Here are a few lists for different areas of California. Use at least 5 species in each island.

Central coast from Santa Barbara to Salinas and inland as far as Paso Robles and King City. These may work in Livermore, Patterson and maybe along the west side of the valley up to Davis. Los Banos south is too dry.

After a year or so, turn the water off and take the fence down. You can move it to the next section for the next years planting. After a few years you'll have islands everywhere.
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