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Pinus muricata

Bishop Pine.

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Pinus muricata, Bishop Pine,  is a fast dark green pine to 40 ft. It is good to use in place of Pinus radiata for fence hedge. It's excellent near coast. We've had very good luck inland. There is one in Bakersfield that did fine in a high boron soil and looks lovely with its dark green foliage and dense habit.

Give full sun and water the first summer. Inland it will need either some indirect water or light shallow waterings every week or two. After the first year in places like the San Joaquin Valley, Lancaster, or Banning they would love something like mini-sprinklers, a small mp-rotator or some drip tubing rigged to spray into the air once a week for 30 minutes or so.

In the wild companion plants include Vaccinium ovatum, Myrica californica, Gaultheria shallon, Heteromeles arbutifolia, and Arctostaphylos purissima.

Pinus muricata tolerates sand.

Foliage of Pinus muricata has color green, is evergreen and has fragrance.
Flower of Pinus muricata has color na.

Communities for Pinus muricata:Closed-cone Pine Forest and Coastal Sage Scrub.

ph: 4.00 to 8.00
usda: 7 to 10
height[m]: 5.00 to 12.00
width[m]: 4.00 to 8.00
rainfall[cm]: 66.00 to 107.00

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