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Gaultheria shallon

Salal and Oregon Wintergreen.

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A 1-4' high sub-shrub that grows along the coast from S.cal to B.C.. It grows in the pine barrens through the redwoods. In its range it is a lovely easy groundcover. (It will stay low as long as it can get some light). It has great difficulty moving away from summer fog or rain. Ours have been burnt badly at 15-20 in the winter and if any summer sun manages to score a direct hit. It has died completely at about 12-15 deg.. The best looking Salal I've seen in the wild was just inland from Ft.Bragg where they grew to 5-6' tall with 6-8" leaves that were 3" wide. They could film a 'Lost in the Jungle' movie in this spot in amoungst the Rhododendrons, Pinus contorta, Arbutus and Umbellularia .

Gaultheria shallon tolerates sand.

Foliage of Gaultheria shallon has color white and is evergreen.
Flower of Gaultheria shallon has color pink.
Fruit of Gaultheria shallon is edible.

Communities for Gaultheria shallon:Closed-cone Pine Forest, Mixed-evergreen Forest, Northern Coastal Sage Scrub and Redwood Forest.

ph: 4.00 to 6.50
usda: 8 to 10
height[m]: 0.10 to 1.00
width[m]: 0.30 to 2.00
rainfall[cm]: 98.00 to 183.00

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