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California Dog-face Butterfly, Zerene eurydice

Food sources utilized by the adult California Dog-face Butterfly

Food sources used by the larva of the California Dog-face Butterfly

The Larva of the California Dog-face is limited to feeding on only one plant species. The false indigo bush, Amorpha califonica is its larval food source. This is an open, feathery, and ancient looking shrub with pinnately compound leaves and large purple flower clusters. It has a limited distribution which in turn limits the distribution of the California Dog-face.

Amorpha californica, California False Indigo Bush flowers - grid24_12
Dog Face Butterfly one a California Fuchsia  - grid24_12
California Fuchsia
Trichostema lanatum,  Woolly Blue Curls with three California Dog-face Butterflies, Zerene eurydice - grid24_12
Woolly Blue Curls with three Dogface Butterflies.
Dogface Butterfly landing on a Salvia Pozo Blue, with his wings open. - grid24_12
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