Danthonia californica

California Oat Grass.

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California Oat Grass looks like a lawn in its favorite habitat, in open areas between coastal pines. Actually, it was a roadside drainage ditch in front of a new house before they completely razed the forest and bladed out the "weeds"(Danthonia, Stipa, Rosa species, Rubus ursinus, Fragaria californica, Satureja douglasii, and Sisyrinchium bellum). This grass is nearly evergreen and tolerates foot traffic and a lot of water. A good substitute for a weedy lawn. With this grass you can have a native weedy lawn! Used with open pavers or as a very small sitting lawn it should work. Keep California Oat Grass small though; the bigger it gets, the more likely the weeds will win.

Danthonia californica tolerates sand and seasonal flooding.

Foliage of Danthonia californica has color green and is stressdeciduous.
Flower of Danthonia californica has color na.

Communities for Danthonia californica:Closed-cone Pine Forest and Coastal Sage Scrub.

ph: 5.00 to 7.00
usda: 8 to 10
height[m]: 0.05 to 0.10
width[m]: 0.50 to 1.00
rainfall[cm]: 60.00 to 600.00

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