Cupressus forbesii

Tecate Cypress.

1Gal Container (Up to 6)
Tecate cypress is native to the southern California mountains looking down into Tijuana, Mexico. It is fast to 12-15 feet, then very slow to 20-30 feet or higher. Easily held at 15 ft. (After it reaches 12 feet or so, it slows down to 2-3 inches / year.) Easy in good drainage, but tolerates clay. Needs no water after established for all locations but the worst desert locales. Good for evergreen hedge or as a single specimen. No cold damage at -10 degrees F., three months after planting a gallon-sized plant. I think its hardiness is about -15 to -20 degrees F. Restraint with water will keep the plants from being pushed over by wind or snow. They have a tendency to roll out of the ground if you water them too much. (But you can also get them to grow to 12 ft in two seasons with water.) One of the few plants to be planted here, never watered, and is growing vigorously. This one and C. goveniana have cherry red bark with green-gray foliage. Another nice thing about this one is it stays uniformly tight and symmetrical. Tecate cypress looks like a 6-8 foot wide Italian cypress, only neater. On Guatay mountain it grows with Quercus chrysolepis, Cercocarpus betuloides, Adenostoma fasciculatum, Quercus dumosa, and Ceanothus greggii on north slopes on gabbro (basaltic granite) at 4000+ feet elevation. Rainfall is 12-37 inches where it is native, but this species grew fine in Shandon with no water and rainfall of about 12 inches. EASY, FAST and a great hedge for the country! syn. Hesperocyparis forbesii, Neocupressus forbesii, Cupressus guadalupensis var. forbesii and Callitropsis forbesii

Cupressus forbesii tolerates sand.

Foliage of Cupressus forbesii has color green-gray and is evergreen.
Flower of Cupressus forbesii has color na.

Communities for Cupressus forbesii:Chaparral and Yellow Pine Forest.

ph: 5.00 to 8.00
usda: 6 to 10
height[m]: 3.00 to 10.00
width[m]: 3.00 to 5.00
rainfall[cm]: 40.00 to 125.00

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