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California native plants alphabetized by scientific name: R.

Scientific Common
Ranunculus californicus California Buttercup
Rhamnus californica Coffeeberry
Rhamnus californica 'Leather Leaf' Leather Leaf Coffeeberry
Rhamnus californica 'San Bruno' Mound San Bruno Coffeeberry
Rhamnus californica 'San Gabriel'
Rhamnus californica var. cuspidata California coffee berry
Rhamnus californica var. Eve Case Eve Case
Rhamnus californica var. tomentella Mountain Coffeeberry
Rhamnus californica var. Tranquil Margarita Tranquil Coffeeberry
Rhamnus crocea Redberry
Rhamnus crocea var. ilicifolia Hollyleaf Redberry
Rhamnus purshiana Chittam Bark
Rhododendron occidentale Western Azalea
Rhus integrifolia Lemonade Berry
Rhus ovata Sugar Bush
Rhus trilobata Fragrant Sumac
Ribes amarum Bitter Gooseberry
Ribes aureum var. aureum Golden Currant
Ribes aureum var. gracillimum Golden Currant
Ribes aureum var. gracillimum 'Golden Penny' Golden Currant
Ribes californicum Hillside Gooseberry
Ribes cereum Wax Currant
Ribes divaricatum Spreading Gooseberry
Ribes indecorum White flowering currant
Ribes malvaceum Pink Chaparral currant
Ribes menziesii Canyon Gooseberry
Ribes nevadense Pink Sierra Currant
Ribes quercetorum Yellow Gooseberry
Ribes roezlii Sierra Gooseberry
Ribes sanguineum var. glutinosum Pink-Flowered Currant
Ribes sericeum Santa Lucia Gooseberry
Ribes speciosum Fuchsia-Flowering Gooseberry
Ribes viburnifolium Evergreen Currant
Ribes viscosissium var. Hallii Sticky Currant
Romneya coulteri Matilija Poppy
Romneya trichocalyx Matilija Poppy
Rosa californica California wild rose
Rosa gymnocarpa Wood Rose
Rosa minutifolia
Rosa nutkana Nootka Rose
Rosa pinetorum Whiskey Rose
Rosa pisocarpa Cluster Rose
Rosa spithamea Ground Rose
Rosa woodsii var. glabrata Mojave Rose
Rosa woodsii var. ultramontana Mountain Rose
Rubus leucodermis Western Raspberry
Rubus parviflorus Thimbleberry
Rubus spectabilis Salmon Berry
Rubus ursinus Pacific blackberry
Rudbeckia californica California Coneflower
Rudbeckia occidentalis Western Coneflower
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