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California native plants alphabetized by scientific name: D.

Scientific Common
Dalea fremontii Indigo Bush
Danthonia californica California Oat Grass
Daucus pusillus Wild Carrot
Delphinium cardinale Scarlet Larkspur
Delphinium nudicaule Canyon delphinium
Delphinium parishii Sky Blue Larkspur
Delphinium polycladon Mountain Marsh Larkspur
Dendromecon harfordii Island Bush Poppy
Dendromecon rigida Bush Poppy
Deschampsia caespitosa Tufted Hairgrass
Deschampsia elongata Slender hairgrass
Descurainia pinnata Tansy Mustard
Dicentra chrysantha Golden Eardrops
Dicentra formosa Pacific Bleeding Heart
Dichondra occidentalis Western Dichondra
Diplacus aurantiacus Sticky Monkey Flower
Diplacus aurantiacus 'Sierra monkey flower' Sierra Monkey Flower
Diplacus aurantiacus var. australis 'Ramona' Narrow Leaf Southern Monkey Flower
Diplacus aurantiacus var. lompocensis 'Vandenberg Monkey Flower' Lompoc Monkey Flower
Diplacus calycinus Rock Monkey Flower
Diplacus clevelandii Clevelands monkey flower
Diplacus grandiflorus Slender Monkey Flower
Diplacus longiflorus Southern Monkey Flower
Diplacus longiflorus 'Agoura Spunky Monkey' Agoura Spunky Monkey Flower
Diplacus longiflorus 'Conejo monkey flower' Conejo Monkey Flower
Diplacus longiflorus 'Topanga monkey flower'
Diplacus puniceus Red Monkey Flower
Diplacus puniceus 'Bert's Raspberry' Raspberry Monkey Flower
Diplacus puniceus 'Penelope' Penny's Monkey Flower
Diplacus puniceus 'Pumpkin'
Diplacus puniceus X var. clevelandii 'San Diego Sunrise' San Diego Sunrise monkeyflower
Diplacus rutilus Santa Susana Monkey Flower
Distichlis spicata Saltgrass
Dodecatheon clevelandii Padre's shooting star
Dodecatheon clevelandii var. insulare
Dodecatheon hendersonii Broad leafed shooting star
Dodecatheon pulchellum Shooting Star
Dogus domesticus var. Annabelle 'Shortstuff' Bad Dog
Draba oligosperma Yellow Flowered Moss
Draperia systyla Weird Flower
Dryopteris arguta Wood Fern
Dudleya abramsii var. murina San Luis Obispo Live Forever
Dudleya caespitosa Coast Dudleya
Dudleya cymosa Liveforever
Dudleya edulis San Diego Dudleya
Dudleya lanceolata Liveforever
Dudleya pulverulenta Chalk Liveforever
Dudleya virens Green liveforever
Dyssodia thurberi Dainty Yellow Composite
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