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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Las Pilitas Blog

Big Foot
B to the I to the G.  Ta-ran-tu-la is me.

Big Foot

Chaparral in the foreground as clouds approach the nursery.  A very economical wood frame.

Finally ... water!

Thanks For Your Support
Penny and Ian throwing together the retail shade area.

Hey everyone! Better late than never. Sorry about the blackout. We're still here! Thanks so much for coming out to the two memorials we had for our dad. It was great to see everyone and talk about plants to plant people.

Bert's Memorial Open House Change
Best seat in the house.

The memorial event in Escondido has been rescheduled for June 8th. We felt that it would be better for us to focus our energies on both locations individually. Sorry for the confusion. Please join us in Santa Margarita, CA on May 24th or in Escondido, CA on June 8th.

Bert's Memorial Open House
Bert Wilson.  Native plant aficionado.

Come celebrate Bert's life with us, share stories and buy plants! We will have his many plant selections showcased as well as other Bert worthy species. This event will be held at our Santa Margarita location on May 24th and at our Escondido location on June 8th.

In Memory of Bert Wilson
Here are the principals of the nursery in 1988 or so.

Our family’s beloved husband, father, grandfather, friend and mentor Bert Wilson has passed away sud

Snark Hunting
Harry the dog is so cool he's bored

Tails of plant stories. Tall tails. .Off the rail tails.

Do you plant native plants? Do you water native plants?
Paradise manzanita was having real trouble with the drought, and then the cold nailed it.

The drought, watering and do you plant native plants in California this year?

Drought and frost damage.
 Heuchera maxima, Island Alum Root showing the cold (and drought).

Here is a picture tutorial of many of the plants on the Santa Margarita Nursery grounds.We had 2 inc

Ah poop!
Horse poop doesn't belong in a planting hole.

It's crazy that folks want to do nasty things to our native plants.

How cold were you?
We do get cold. This is one of the reasons we can guess how much cold native plants can tolerate.

We got pretty cold this week, how cold were you?

Who are we to you?
Turkey Vulture

What does our online persona portray?

Time change
Harry had a hard day.

The semi-yearly time change is playing with us.

Help with HOA's
Sorry, anyone can be a garden designer. Pencil behind your ear , Sunset Western garden Book, and a lot of noisy self-assertiveness. There are some good designers, but  how to separate  bags of air from the knowledgeable ones? Questions, do a little of you homework first. Learn some of the plants, something as simple as a few trees, perennials and annuals. Use the tree name like it's a perennial, the annual like a tree and see what happens. Let the games begin!

You can plant your yard with drought tolerant native plants and probably be fine, not fined.

Native plant doofuses
Water fowl at Laguna Lake in San Luis Obispo.

Ok, the post is for those of you that want to rant a little about the doofuses out there. Please kee

Ferrets as Toy Poodles
We take your  plant out of a gallon pot, put it into a plastic bag, put into a box, and ship it. The best numbers to fit into the boxes are multiples of  1,2, 4, 5, 8, and 10.  All we deal with are native plants, of California.

The article about South American Ferrets being given steroids and sold as poodles kind of hit home

Fall is here
It's September and the fall temperatures are here.

Our fall temperatures are here.

Sammy the Skunk

Skunk in the shop trash.

The newest format.
Ok, here is the format we're trying to allow a bunch of images and videos to fit onto the page.

Ok, we've jammed all the images and movies into the plant pages in a way we thinks works.

Weird Weather
Ok, it was 110F for a week, then it sprinkled, then rainbow, then we were in the 30's.

We're having weather that is even weird for us.

Customer requesting help.
Lazuli Bunting caught and ate the bug in 3 frames, 1/10 of a second. (There's a drip of water flying by from a crazy gold finch in the birdbath.)

Here is a note from one of our customers requesting help in signing a petition to save the Oakland h

Needed Photos
Anyone can take good pictures now with the newer digital cameras. But you have to take off the lens cap.

We need some photos of some plants. If any of you have them and want to donate them to the website w

Website down.
Broken website or sick computer.

Website was down again.

How to use the website.
One of our help file images

A simple video about how to use the Las Pilitas website.

Planting native plants in summer.
Black-tailed Jackrabbit (Lepus californicus), out in Creosote  woodland. If you try to plant where these rabbits are, cage the plants until 6 months after you stop watering. AND, do not water in summer or fall  after first season.  Water once in summer and the plant is eaten once, no more plant.

Here is a short note about planting native plants in summer.