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We have two servers on Linode. Every time they do an update of their servers they seem to break something on our servers. It's usually something rather small like a library or file that we've not upgraded that they are suddenly requiring. If you find it irritating, it takes Ian hours to figure out what is the problem.
This time it was It was some sort of mis-configuration that happened after updating mysql which only showed up after the maintenance caused the server to restart. One website uses mysql, the other uses postgresql.
For the first decade of the website we used suse 7 and never had to do anything. The website was a little boring but not breaking once a month. And to add insult to injury it used to cost $35/month, now it's about $200-250. I guess the phone bill is similar and I do not miss the rotary phone.
Broken website or sick computer. - grid24_12
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