Ok, here's something we discovered years ago to solve the plant label problem. We'd tried all sorts of labels including some pretty expensive ones. Even 50 cents each adds up when you plant a couple of hundred plants.
Our favorite labels were 2X2 redwoods stakes with the name painted on the side. Unfortunately Harry the dog thought they were just the thing to rip out of the ground and carry around acting like he was literate.
Old network cable works well for the wire if you separate the smaller wires and cut them to maybe 8-10 inches.
A ball point pen with a soft book behind the aluminum makes a embossed labels.
Heavy scissors work better than garden snips for cutting the can. - grid24_12
Large scissors work best for this. Do not cut yourself, the cans are sharper than the scissors.
The cut up can. - grid24_12
The cut up can.
Here's a soda can label put on a manzanita. Notice how loose the wire is. - grid24_12
The label has been on this plant for 5-6 years. Some of the older ones have been on for 15 or so and are still readable.
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