It started out as ten, but there are so many fun ones that need little care as long as you take care to put them in shade or sun and water them the first summer they are easy in Los Angeles, Pasadena or inner Santa Monica. (for more search the website for your city or look here or here .
Ribes aureum gracillimum, Golden Currant with Anna Hummingbird. This native plant grows on the north slopes of Malibu, Latigo,  and through the Los Angeles Basin; San Gabriel Valley. - grid24_12
Ribes aureum var. gracillimum, Golden Currant
Salvia spathacea, Topanga Hummingbird sage. Areas of Western Los Angeles used to look like this. - grid24_12
Salvia spathacea, Hummingbird Sage
Here is a picture of the few remaining native plants above Los Angeles. The rocks are protecting the natives from the weeds and the fires that come with weeds. This area should burn every 200 years or so, not every year. Weeds can burn at any time. - grid24_12
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