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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Wildland photos

One of the edges of the sagebrush community. - grid24_12
We have some old photos that need to be replaced. This one was the state of the art in about 1990.
an old photo of Big Basin Sage  plant community - grid24_6
Others we lost the original...
Goldfields in a Shadscale plant community. It's an old photo but it really catches it. - grid24_6
Others have been replaced by weeds and we've never seen a clean site like it again to take a new photo.
Lewisia cotyledon, Siskiyou Lewsia, here flowering in its native plant community, with scree soil. - grid24_12
Still others we've never been to or haven't made it for decades.
Anywayyyy, you can use Disqus to upload up to 2meg photos. If we can use them you'll be giving us the right to use them on the website, if not they'll still be visible here. No people or cats please.
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