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Help with HOA's

Help with HOAs

May a higher power help you if you're stuck in an HOA with the old guy or prissy lady and the clip board. From (San Diego County Water Authority.)
"AB 1061 (Lieu) Common Interest Developments: water efficient landscapes Under existing law, homeowners’ associations may adopt and enforce architectural guidelines. The guidelines may require that all properties within the development have lawns, for instance, and may forbid other types of landscaping. The Water Authority successfully sponsored a bill that voided provisions of architectural guidelines that prohibited the use of low water using plants. Under AB 1061, architectural guidelines would not only be void if they prohibit the use of low water using plants, but also if they have the effect of prohibiting or restricting compliance with local water-efficient landscape ordinances or water conservation ordinances. The Water Authority’s Legislative Policy Guidelines state that it is the Water Authority’s policy to support legislation that “restricts Property Owners Associations from forbidding the use of California native plants or other lo w water use plants in well- maintained landscapes.” (Water Use Efficiency (Support) No. 13.)"
You may still have hassles with the prissies, but give them some prune juice and refer them to AB1061.
If you put in native plants that need a ton of water I doubt you could defend yourself, so keep it sensible and try to make a better environment for all.
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