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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Things happening

Ok, it's gotten busy but I've managed to generate a few things.
Here's one on butterflies generated because of this question:

"i live in riverside, california & I am trying to create a butterfly garden for my 3 girls. I am overwhelmed at all the information & don't know what i need. I am looking for plants for a small slope ( about the length of my house, but 5 feet wide) and doesn't take a lot of water, low maintenance. The plants would get mostly sun with late afternoon shade. I also have dogs. What can you suggest? Is it here on your website??"

And we're still generating best plant plants for... because of Jodog's comments.
Here is the page manager of the 24 grid that we use to edit the page. The <HR> is a horizontal line. - grid24_12
AND I think I finally got through the slog of rebuilding all the pages into a grid 24 format so they will work on any device. You can read the website on all phones, tablets and e-readers that read the web.
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