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We've put a new search tool. We used Google search for years but the ads confused a number of you. So we had a problem, we generate a little off of the ads, but they confuse our readers, to run the Google Search without ads would cost between $2000-3000/year, maybe more. I'm sorry, but we need about a million other things. BUT, Ian figured out how to use an Open source search tool that seems to work fine, maybe a little faster. Not as smart, but many folks think a smart search is maybe not the best search. 'Dumb' searches bring back surprises that you didn't know about but may actually be closer to the target.
Try it and see what you think. We can't find anything on the site without a search tool. Way too many pages.
Try something like your city or favorite plant and see what comes back.
an old photo of a fence in Carrizo Plains - grid24_12
Sometimes the least traveled road is the most interesting.
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We tried to use kibble for the webmaster, he still can't type. He does bark the answers.
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