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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Thanks For Your Support

Hey everyone! Better late than never. Sorry about the blackout. We're still here! Thanks so much for coming out to the two memorials we had for our dad. We really appreciate the support. It was great to see everyone and talk about plants to plant people. We had a great poster board highlighting our dad, Bert Wilson and a bunch of his cool cultivars.

We have been insanely busy, like a squirrel with a caffeine iv on a treadmill, trying to run the business and balance the drought whilst preparing stock for fall. We could write a book about all the crazy things that have happened in the last four months. Even this blog software stopped working. We can't make this up. Suffice to say, Foxy, Bert's dog, survived the rattlesnake bite to the face (she is still cute, no scars!), broken legs can heal, we don't really need that tractor and if we're short on water then we can use less water .... native plants grow on. So far so good.

We've been growing plants like crazy, including Penstemon Margarita BOPs, Satureja douglasii, Chilopsis linearis and Arctostaphylos Sonoma Manzanita Bush. They should be ready in 2 to 3 months. Assuming an asteroid doesn't wipe us out. fingers crossed!

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