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Ferrets as Toy Poodles

Ok, this is a little of a rant, sorry.
We ship gallon sized plants that commonly weigh between 3-4 pounds.We also do not like charging good customers for customers that we lose money on. We lose money on the single plant orders, so it was either force people to buy 10 plants, raise the plant prices to $15-20 each or charge a large handling fee of $18..
We did not think it was fair to the folks buying 100 plants to charge them more per plant so someone that buys one plant gets a cheaper rate. If you buy 100 plants we are much cheaper than others for one gallon plants and actually approach the costs others charge for 2-4 inch pots that weigh 2-4 oz.
Sorry, but it seems the fairest rate for the most folks and we do not have the funding nor man power to do a more difficult system such as first plant $19,99 five or more $12.99, ten or more...$9.99.

Also, we do not sell common plants and call them funny names or "friendly" names to make them sound special. Just because it has butterfly or hummingbird in the common or trade name means that it has any value at all for or local hummingbirds or butterflies. A number of the plants labeled as such are weeds in their native habitat. How can we charge the same for a 4 inch plant that takes one month to grow when our plant takes 1-3 years to grow, weighs 3-4 lbs. and is hard to start?
Some of the main line growers grow some natives in full shade, fertilize the poo out of them, keep them alive with fungicides, sell them to silly folks that email us to ask why all their plants died. We can't figure out why they do not call or email the folks they bought them from...
ALSO, the success one year after planting should be between 90-98% depending on how bad the site is. A conventional lot in town and planting in winter you should have 98% of the plants alive after a year. People keep trying to tell us the 'normal' is 50%, but they are not using our plants. If you were planting a remote south facing slope in Barstow I could be happy with 50%, but in town. NO! You shouldn't be losing that many plants.
Again, sorry, the emails and calls are getting to us.
Dog grooming and Ferret grooming.
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