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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

What, What?

What pages would you like to see added? More pictures? More movies? What pages would you like fixed? I've added
Twenty easy native plants for Los Angeles.
Ten easy native plants for the Bay Area.
Pollination of California native plants.
and a movie to the bottom of
Native plants of Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Malibu area.
We get emails like this:

Been perusing your Website, learning a bunch of new things, some Latin. I'm very impressed with the wealth of knowledge and photography. Just wanted to say thanks. But, being an English teacher, you need a proofreader!

Which is not helpful. What would you folks like added? Or if the proofreading the the problem, where are those mistakes?
The website has 2000 urls that amount to about 20,000 pages, really hard to find the mistakes as we are usually looking at it like this.
How we build our pages
Five year old taking self portrait. - grid24_6
I tripped across this as I was going through the images.
Figuring out what our customers want is what we spend hours doing. Hints would be helpful.

P.S. There are four of us working on this site part time... Penny adds blog posts occasionally, does Facebook, inventory and adds some photos, Ian helps keep the house of cards up on the two servers, Celeste is repairing the individual plant pages, Bert does most of the content (and they usually fix it.)
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