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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

How cold were you?

At both nurseries we can be cold. If you wander out on a winter day dress like an Eskimo, with shorts under the layers. Our temperature in the last week have ranged from the high 80's to 8.
Native plants can be very tolerant of our temperature swings and we usually do not take big loses until we get below 0F. Yes we do sometimes get below 0.
Log on and share your low temperatures. Right at the moment Whitehorse in the Yukon is about the same as us.
We do get cold. This is one of the reasons we can guess how much cold native plants can tolerate. - grid24_12
When we opened at 9 am on Friday it was still below 10.

I had to put shorts on Sunday because it was about 90 where I was working, 5 days later we're colder than Whitehorse.

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