Just a note of something I've noticed.
Kinda weird but I mentioned this to Garry the manager at the Smart and Final in San Luis and he shared a similar experience in Ventura.
We've gotten used to San Luis Obispo and it's polite people. We go out of the area and get honked at and yelled at. Gary walked across a street in Ventura and the whole block freaked out as if they'd never seen someone walking.
I got road raged in Paso because I moved to the right lane to turn off on Spring Street, at least 50 foot (maybe 100ft.) of clearance and the uptight dude freaked. Then later in the week I made a right turn in Visalia in the truck, a slow turn, as you run things over when you make a fast turn (blind side) and someone freaked out because he was accelerating too fast and had to change lanes.
In San Luis Obispo both would have been no big deal and the people would have smiled and waved.
I've freaked when I've been stuck behind a 10 mph person on Las Pilitas, that can take an extra 20 minutes and there are plenty of turnouts,(and the 10 mph passes each) but 1-2 second delay, or not even a delay, just something different?
Are people just too uptight now?
West of Cottonwood Pass on Hwy. 41 Clarkias are the pink in the distance. - grid24_12
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