Why is it that I get so many emails and questions from people who have never purchased plants form us and never plan to?
 A typical email....
I just bought this plant from one of your competitors, what's wrong with it?
I actually answer these but it bugs me.
another typical one...
 I need help choosing plants for my yard... e.g. I live in (insert here every conceivable place in the US) I have ( insert every conceivable situation) what can I plant here that will attract hummingbirds and butterflies and is native to my area, and it can't be poisonous to dogs, and I want to not water it so what will survive on my rainfall. I don't actually know what my rainfall is so can you look that up for me too....
Uhg.. Totally fine if the person is planing on supporting us, but if not....why me?!?!
- I help with plant suggestions, they respond with... "Wow that was really helpful! You really know your stuff!  I will go to your competitor now. Thank you so much. You have been so helpful."
Do people think we are wikipedia? Do people think we are a non-profit? Do they think we are a huge corporation who has 10 of me answering email? I can't figure it out.

This is our family part of the business... http://www.laspilitas.com/about_this_site.html
We have two part time helpers here in Santa margarita. That is to run a 5 acre nursery growing 500-700 plants, including production for both nurseries, local sales, mail order and web design and upkeep. Val at the Escondido store just has ONE other person helping her. It is totally ridiculous. So when you get my daughter on the answering machine it just means I am driving the tractor around, or pulling your mail orders, or helping someone who walked in the nursery choose plants.
Do you use our website? Who do you think is behind it?
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