According to the pedometer I'm walking between 5-10 miles a day. Most days 7-8 miles with 2-3 of them pushing this mower. 7.3 miles today, but only burned 275 calories.
If pushing a mower only burns 300 calories I can see why Americans are wearing large and extra large.
We have struggled with a number of the weedy grasses, notably Foxtail barley, Hare Barley and Red Brome, along with Filaree, Star thistle, Bur Chervil and Hedge parsley. Sprays suck and do not seem to work except in select areas next to the structures. Last year we tried the high vac mower on the Hare Barley and this year the results were pretty good, we had reduced the number of weedy species dramatically and some natives still showed up.
Last year I mowed with this little mower an area about 500X500 ft. and generated about 30 yards of clippings. It made great compost. Probably could have baled the nasty stuff.
The pedometer makes you think, 7 miles X 31 days. Hey, I'm usually carrying or pushing something more than 200 miles a month?
Our push mower - grid24_12
This little mower is the same as the Husqvarna and so far it has worked well for a fairly cheap mower. It is NOT self propelled, on the uneven slopes you just end up pushing a heaver mower.
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