Just a little comment about why we do not answer some of your phone calls.
We're getting buried with telemarketer calls. We have caller id and even the 'private callers' are telemarketers for phone companies or other questionable companies. We're all workers here, so stopping something 10 times in 30 minutes for someone selling fertilizer, I mean business opportunities, stops us in our tracks.
So we answer phone calls with your name on the id. Out of area, or no name seems to be always a sells call.
I do feel compassion for the nice ones, and try to be nice, but some of the sells staff seem to directly from a horror movie.
I'd rather be out digging ditches than stuck in a cube phoning all day. Sadly, the pay is about the same...
One of our tenets is to not charge the good customers for the bad. The bad phone calls wipe you out, before caller id we'd get 5 sells calls before we'd get one of you with a question. Sometimes the phone would go dead as we never got off the stupid thingy that goes dingy, just flashing between calls for hours.
Because of the net and our high traffic we seem to be on everyones list. And it's a business phone so we cannot be on the do not call list.
This note was triggered by a 'private caller' selling credit card machines pretending he was from a big bank.
A Yellow-billed Magpie, Pica nuttalli on a telephone wire watching. - grid24_12
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