Finding duplicate photos, photos stolen by others(Google downgrades us for that) and generally stupid mistakes are very hard to find.
The new scientific names we are always slow to adapt because half the time they come back to our original name before we get around to changing it. So, don't worry to much about that, although we should list the new names as synonyms.
Misspellings are something else, we have no way of checking the site for misspellings of pages or pages that do not load on a Nokia Phone or even on Explorer in Windows. We've not had a Windows machine for 10 years now. (Haven't had a virus or malware for 10 years now.)
The goal is to have a free encyclopedia like e-book that has all the information about native plants, native systems in California and to a lesser degrees the west coast.
I tried making an e-book out of the website, but they're limited to about 20 meg, and the website is probably above 5 gig.. A hard copy is out of the question as they do not want many photos, and the photos they want are small. So, this is a hybrid approach.
BUT I could use some help with ideas of missing pages, broken pages and misspellings.

Ideas for new pages are becoming very difficult as we've covered most everything.

If one of you want to donate millions of dollars that would help also.
The ads on the how to pages are the only things generating cash to cover this.

Other places you might find us roaming about:

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