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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

What is a natural plant?

What is a natural plant?

Webster's Dictionary lists natural as produced by nature. The MCGrawHill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms doesn't list it, nor do the other botanic and technical dictionaries we have. My favorite dictionary "The New Merriam-Webster Pocket Dictionary  lists natural as "determined by nature; innate; born; illegitimate; human; of or relating to nature; not artificial; being simple and sincere; lifelike; having neither sharps nor flats  in the key signature". Ok,  if you add that to plant, what do you get?

1. Innate plant?
2. Lifelike plant?
3. A plant that was born, what does that mean?
4. Illegitimate plant?
5. Human Plant? interesting
6. A plant that is not artificial. This one makes sense.
7. Simple plant?
8. A plant produced by nature?

So a natural plant is probably a non-artificial plant. What is an artificial plant?
Or maybe we should call a natural plant an innate, lifelike, born simply from a human?
Could a plant not be produced by nature? Technically a plant that was pollinated by us or a European bee would not be 'natural'.
So a living plant with leaves would be a natural plant? Maybe?

What is a non-natural plant? A rubber one? But then how is that a plant? How can a plant not be natural?
I guess it could be a manufacturing plant or bottling plant.
Why would you Google that?
What's maddening is natural plants has more traffic than native plants or where to buy plants. I spend hours mulling over things like this.
They were probably looking for native plants, how do I build a page to point this out? This page?
What other words do they wrongly search? Should we point this out?
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