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Help with hunting of the Snark. Hey comedians, help me lighten up the plant pages with antidotes for boredom . Plant descriptions are SOOOOO boring. I've been grinding through trying to add more fill while keeping it light, but damn it's boring. AND, I know it's boring for you to read. Sooo, ya got something to add to the plant pages? I'd love to add your comments into the pages. Add them here (you might get 'voted' down). If you add it here, that would give us permission to add to the pages.

First rule is it has to be scientifically accurate(or so absurd that even someone with no humor doesn't think it is the truth and email me about the 'error', those emails are awkward)

Try not to be nasty (in all ways).

If you can get triple meanings in, that's a plus.

If you've seen or experienced something really cool about a plant I'd love to add that.

We've experienced much of California, but this is a huge area, and many California natives extend to Alaska. I have no idea what some of the plants look like in some areas.
I was prompted by this plant, Quercus garryana breweri

Or you can just comment about how I'm misusing 'Snark' and the website should be more boring. But be warned, the comments are almost 1000 to 1 that it doesn't have enough snarks to search for. Very few want it more snarkie.(Urban dictionary...)
Harry the dog is so cool he's bored - grid24_12
This is a snark hunter?
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