Fall is here.

so are the deer, get out there and plant your plants, (have to work off the beer?)
All of August we've been battling water issues in both nurseries. In the Escondido nursery someone not so bright has been stealing copper and tried to steal the water meter, messed up the pressure regulator and blew up some of our water lines. Paul and Valerie got a lot of exercise digging holes and repairing pipes. In the Santa Margarita nursery the water comes from springs that are not dry but almost.It is really difficult to grow acres of plant material in containers with only 6 gallons per minute.
But then fall came, and something switched and we have tons of water again and the pipes in Escondido have been repaired.
We still have chipmunks, deer, raccoons, tree squirrels, rabbits, etc. that have moved in with us as there is NOTHING out there to live on. It's the third driest year on record in this county. (The desert has more forbs than these hillsides do, there are no green perennials outside of the nursery).
So now is a great time to plant if you have no critters visiting your garden nightly.
It's September and the fall temperatures are here. - grid24_12
We expect our first frost any day now.
Water a few days before you plant so you can get the shovel into the moist, BUT NOT wet, ground. Here's another how to plant.
If you live in the country, pay attention to the critters this time of the year. They are watching you and your garden. They will know when you put any food out there, that is plant anything with green leaves.
If you live in urban areas or in a town, the worst critters you'll have trouble with are gophers and gold finches(they can strip the leaves off of a vegetable garden).
If there are no critters, and you can pre-wtaer, fall is here and the planting is easier than in summer. Not as easy as winter, but we're going crazy not being about to plant anything outside so let the planting begin!
After watering for about 1 hour the water only made it down a few inches. Until you get the hang of it check after you water. - grid24_12
In the fall it's really important that you water well when you plant.
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