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Ceanothus or California Lilac flowering times.

When does Ceanothus flower in California? This chart was created from photo dates mostly taken at the Santa Margarita Nursery site. Oregon and Washington flowering times should be similar to these, Southern California dates will be a little earlier.







Ceanothus arboreus 

Ceanothus arboreus Island Mt. Lilac

x x

Ceanothus arboreus Owlswood Blue 

Ceanothus arboreus Owlswood Blue Island Mtn. Lilac

x x x x x

Ceanothus Blue Jeans 

Ceanothus Blue Jeans Holly Leaf Mountain Lilac

Ceanothus Celestial Blue 

Ceanothus Celestial Blue

Ceanothus Concha 

Ceanothus Concha California Mountain Lilac


Ceanothus cordulatus 

Ceanothus cordulatus Mountain Whitethorn

Ceanothus crassifolius 

Ceanothus crassifolius Hoary-leaved



Ceanothus cuneatus 

Ceanothus cunetatus, buckbrush

Ceanothus cuneatus Sierra mt. lilac 

Ceanothus cuneatus Sierra mt. lilac Sierra Buckbrush



x x

Ceanothus cyaneus 

Ceanothus cyaneus San Diego Mtn. Lilac

Ceanothus cyaneus Sierra Blue  Ceanothus

Ceanothus cyaneus Sierra Blue Ceanothus

Ceanothus foliosus 

Ceanothus foliosus Wavy Leaf Mountain lilac

Ceanothus Frosty Blue 

Ceanothus Frosty Blue Frosty Blue Mountain Blue

x x

Ceanothus gloriosus exaltatus Emily Brown 

Ceanothus gloriosus exaltatus Emily Brown

Ceanothus gloriosus gloriosus 

Ceanothus gloriosus gloriosus Holly Ceanothus

Ceanothus gloriosus Hearts Desire 

Ceanothus gloriosus Hearts Desire Groundcover Mountain Lilac

Ceanothus gloriosus porrectus 

Ceanothus gloriosus porrectus Mt. Vision Ceanothus

Ceanothus greggii vestitus 

Ceanothus greggii vestitus Mountain Buckbrush

Ceanothus griseus 

Ceanothus griseus Carmel Ceanothus

Ceanothus griseus horizontalis Yankee Point 

Ceanothus griseus horizontalis Yankee Point Carmel Mountain Lilac

Ceanothus griseus Louis Edmunds 

Ceanothus griseus Louis Edmunds Carmel Mtn. Lilac

Ceanothus hearstiorum 

Ceanothus hearstiorum

Ceanothus impressus impressus 

Ceanothus impressus impressus Santa Barbara Mtn. Lilac

Ceanothus impressus nipomensis 

Ceanothus impressus nipomensis Arroyo Grande Lilac

Ceanothus integerrimus 

Ceanothus integerrimus Deer Brush

Ceanothus jepsonii 

Ceanothus Joyce Coulter 

Ceanothus Joyce Coulter Creeping Mountain Lilac

Ceanothus Julia Phelps 

Ceanothus Julia Phelps Small Leaf Mountain Lilac

Ceanothus L.T.Blue 

Ceanothus L.T.Blue White Bark Mountain Lilac

Ceanothus lemmonii 

Ceanothus lemmonii Trinity Ceanothus

Ceanothus leucodermis 

Ceanothus leucodermis White Bark California Lilac

Ceanothus maritimus 

Ceanothus maritimus Bluff California Lilac

Ceanothus megacarpusX Tranquil Margarita 

Ceanothus megacarpusX Tranquil Margarita Big Pod California Lilac

Ceanothus Mills Glory 

Ceanothus Mills Glory Holly Leaved California Mountain Lilac

Ceanothus Mountain Haze 

Ceanothus Mountain Haze

Ceanothus oliganthus oliganthus 

Ceanothus oliganthus oliganthus Hairy-Leaf Ceanothus

x x x x x x x x x

Ceanothus otayensis 

Ceanothus papillosus 


Ceanothus parryi 

Ceanothus parryi

Ceanothus prostratus 

Ceanothus purpureus 

Ceanothus purpureus Hollyleaf Ceanothus

Ceanothus ramulosus fascicularis 

Ceanothus ramulosus fascicularis Coastal Buckbrush

Ceanothus Ray Hartman 

Ceanothus Ray Hartman Mountain Lilac

Ceanothus Remote Blue Ceanothus 

Ceanothus Remote Blue Ceanothus Bush Lilac

Ceanothus rigidus Snowball 

Ceanothus rigidus Snowball White Monterey Lilac



Ceanothus sorediatus 

Ceanothus sorediatus Jim Bush


Ceanothus sorediatus Klamath 

Ceanothus sorediatus Klamath Blue Blossum moutain lilac

Ceanothus spinosus 

Ceanothus spinosus Red-Heart Mountain Lilac

Ceanothus Tassajara Blue Ceanothus 

Ceanothus Tassajara Blue Ceanothus Mountain Lilac

Ceanothus thyrsiflorus 

Ceanothus thyrsiflorus Big Sur California lilac 

Ceanothus thyrsiflorus Big Sur California lilac Big Sur Lilac

Ceanothus thyrsiflorus repens 

Ceanothus thyrsiflorus repens Low Blue Blossom

Ceanothus thyrsiflorus Skylark 

Ceanothus thyrsiflorus Skylark Blue Mountain Lilac

Ceanothus thyrsiflorus Snow Flurry

Ceanothus tomentosus 

Ceanothus tomentosus Woolly Leaf Mtn. Lilac

Ceanothus tomentosus olivaceus 

Ceanothus tomentosus olivaceus Romona Lilac

Ceanothus velutinus laevigatus 

Ceanothus velutinus velutinus 

Ceanothus verrucosus 

Ceanothus verrucosus Wart-Stemmed Ceanothus


Ceanothus Wheeler Canyon 

Ceanothus Wheeler Canyon Blue Mtn. Lilac

California Lilac, Ceanothus

Southern California Mountain Lilacs

Central and Northern California Mountain Lilacs

Oregon State University did a planting trial at Silverton, Oregon. Their results on the flowering period are similar to ours.