Plants For Red Fir Forest

Red fir up in the Lower Sierras at about 7500 feet. - grid24_12
Abies magnifica Red fir

Red fir Abies magnifica a large evergreen tree that grows from 5000-9000 ft. in Northern California to Southern Oregon. Very slow in most areas out of its range. You could probably use one as a Christ... Learn more.

An older photo of Abies procera,  Noble Fir, growing in the Sierra Nevada mountains, California - grid24_12
Abies procera Noble Fir

Noble Fir (Abies procera) is an evergreen conifer native from northern California to Washington state that grows in full sun in its habitat and needs good drainage and regular water in a garden set... Learn more.

A Mountain maple, Rocky Mountain maple tree in the Southern Sierras. - grid24_12
Acer glabrum Mountain Maple

Mountain Maple is a small deciduous tree that is our 'Japanese Maple" that grows to 10-12 foot tall and is small enough to be included in residential landscaping. Mountain maple needs regular water ... Learn more.

Acer macrophyllum, Big Leaf Maple with fall color in a forest of small trees. - grid24_12
Acer macrophyllum Big Leaf Maple

Big leaf maple, Acer macrophyllum, is a deciduous Tree, to 50 feet, but normally more like 30 feet ,often developing several trunks. Large maple leaves colorful in autumn. Native from Alaska to sou... Learn more.

Achillea millefolium var. lanulosa, Mountain Yarrow has grown as a pure white ground cover. - grid24_12
Achillea millefolium var. lanulosa Mountain Yarrow

Mountain Yarrow's leaves are smaller and tighter than the common native yarrow in California. The plants are lower to the ground, flowers are as large and a bright, pure white. Achillea lanulosa grow... Learn more.

Actaea rubra snakeberry - grid24_12
Actaea rubra Snakeberry

Baneberry is a small perennial that grows in deep woods, north slopes and in meadows from Southern California up into Alaska, Alberta and across to New Mexico. In small doses Baneberry was used by Nat... Learn more.

Agastache with a Swallowtail Butterfly - grid24_12
Agastache urticifolia Horse Mint

Licorice Mint is a perennial with whorls of lovely rose-colored flowers and a delicate fragrance. Best in sun if you want to attract the butterflies. This is a hardy perennial, that is very happy in ... Learn more.

Alnus incana tenuifolia, Thinleaf alder leaf - grid24_12
Alnus incana var. tenuifolia Thinleaf alder

Mountain Alder is small deciduous tree that grows from Tulare County in the Sierras to Alaska and into the Rocky Mountains. Mountain Alder frequents the stream banks and north slopes. If you are a fly... Learn more.

Anemone multifida, Pacific Anemone flower - grid24_12
Anemone multifida Pacific Anemone

Pacific Anemone is a cool little windflower to grows on mountain tops through much of north America and even Chile. Good for a part shade or cool rock garden. Not for Mesa Arizona, better chance in Po... Learn more.

Emerald Carpet Manzanita is a creepy little groundcover that likes lawn water. BUT, you do not have to mow it. - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos 'Emerald Carpet' might as well be a lawn manzanita

Emerald Carpet manzanita is an evergreen groundcover preferred by the non-native folks that want to plant a 'native'. This is a hybrid between Arctostaphylos uva-ursi and Arctostaphylos nummularia. Em... Learn more.

Arctostaphylos patula, Greenleaf Manzanita at a higher elevation in the Sierras. When the get 3-5 meters of snow on them they lay low. - grid24_12
Arctostaphylos patula Greenleaf Manzanita

Greenleaf Manzanita, Arctostaphylos patula, is an evergreen shrub that is common in areas of heavy snow at higher elevations in the eastern Sierras through Utah and north into Oregon, extending dow... Learn more.

 Arnica parryi sonnei, Frog Flower. - grid24_12
Arnica parryi var. sonnei Frog Flower

A flat perennial with rhizomes forming clump to edge of moisture, up to several feet across. Native to moist places in the east central Sierras. The flowers 1" yellow composites (DYC). Use with Heleni... Learn more.

Asarum hartwegii Marbled  Wild Ginger - grid24_12
Asarum hartwegii Marbled Wild Ginger

Marbled Wild Ginger, Asarum hartwegii, is a perennial that will sometimes be evergreen sometimes not. It's leaves are marbled green, and the flowers are maroon. This grows at 1000-2500 m. in N. Ca. an... Learn more.

Aster integrifolius Meadow Aster - grid24_12
Aster integrifolius Meadow Aster

I first saw A. integrifolius covering a hillside in a riot of blue. The elevation was about 5000 ft. above Sonora. The cover was rocky and open with the area around having Ponderosa Pines and some man... Learn more.

Balsamorhiza sagittata Arrowleaf balsamroot - grid24_12
Balsamorhiza sagittata Arrowleaf balsamroot

syn Buphthalmum sagittata, Espeletia s., E. helianthoides, Balsamorhiza h.. Arrowleaf balsamroot grows from the Southern Sierra Nevada mountains up in British Columbia and across to Colorado. A large ... Learn more.

Betula occidentalis, Water Birch, in early spring with its pendent catkins (flower clusters).  - grid24_12
Betula occidentalis Water Birch

Western mountains 200-8000 ft. moist but not wet situations, deciduous tree to 20 feet a beautiful background for azaleas and such under high shade, won't look at its best under drought but seems to s... Learn more.

Brickellia grandiflora, tasselflower brickellbush - grid24_12
Brickellia grandiflora Golden Sashay

It is like Brickellia californica but needs a little more water and is more garden tolerant. Its flowers are bigger. A 2' perennial with light green foliage . Do not put in a highly visible area as, a... Learn more.

Sideview of a single flower of Campanula rotundifolia, California Harebell. - grid24_12
Campanula rotundifolia California Harebell

A flat perennial with 1" blue flowers arising to 6" above the dark green foliage. This plant likes regular water. It should grow fine in any watered garden but prefers higher elevations in California.... Learn more.

Carex fracta. Fragile Sheath Sedge - grid24_12
Carex fracta Fragile Sheathed Sedge

A beautiful green perennial that lives in mountain meadows, road cuts, rocky slopes, and seeps. The soil can be fairly dry, but as it dries out the foliage will fade. This sedge looks kinda like som... Learn more.

Carex praegracilis (clustered field sedge) - grid24_12
Carex praegracilis Clustered Field Sedge

Common in meadows, open, wet areas, marshes, seeps, seasonally wet edges of ponds, frequently alkaline soil, wide distribution , valleys up to middle elevations in CA, grows in western NA, to central ... Learn more.

Carex sartwelliana Yosemite Sedge - grid24_12
Carex sartwelliana Yosemite Sedge

(Synonym Carex yosemitana) A medium sized sedge That grows in meadows from southern California up into northern California. This can make a lumpy-lawn like mat if it is happy. I guess I could describe... Learn more.

Carex spectabilis Showy Sedge - grid24_12
Carex spectabilis Showy Sedge

Showy Sedge occurs in the wet soil of meadows or rocky slopes where snow banks linger from 5800-12,000 ft. The plant is one to two feet tall. Showy Sedge likes full sun and part sun, and seasonal fl... Learn more.

Ceanothus cordulatus, Whitethorn Ceanothus with Insence cedar - grid24_12
Ceanothus cordulatus Snowbush

Mountain whitethorn is a gray/green shrub with whitish bark that has a tendency to go deciduous in the winter cold leaving a spiny bush. The fragrant white flowers and silver foliage make a wonderful... Learn more.

Ceanothus prostratus grows along the Northern California coast and Middle Sierras up into Washington State. - grid24_12
Ceanothus prostratus Squaw Carpet

Ceanothus prostratus var. occidentalis, or Squaw Carpet, is an evergreen ground cover that grows on open slopes. and under Douglas Firs, Jeffrey or Ponderosa pines from near sea level to 7000+' elev... Learn more.

Ceanothus velutinus in the Eastern Sierras - grid24_12
Ceanothus velutinus var. velutinus Snowbrush

Ceanothus velutinus velutinus is similar to C. velutinus var. laevigatus but is much more hardy. It was burnt this year at June Lake at -20 degrees F.(?). It only reaches a height of 4' in its range. ... Learn more.

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