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This website is dedicated to Bert Wilson. His genius continues to inspire us.

Plants For Red Fir Forest

Lilium pardalinum giganteum

Lilium pardalinum giganteum Sunset
As pardalinum but bigger flowers. The British have cultivar names 'Red Giant' and 'Sunset' This one tolerates sun and heat better than the straight species and is half of the height. This is listed b... Learn more.

Lilium parryi

Lilium parryi Lemon Lily
Lilium parryi, Lemon Lily, has large 3 inch wide and 4 inch long lemon yellow flowers that have a delightful fragrance. Lemon Lily is native from middle to high elevations in southern California and ... Learn more.

Lilium wigginsii

Lilium wigginsii Wiggins Lily
... Learn more.

Linum lewisii

Linum lewisii Blue Flax
A 2-3 foot perennial with delicate leaves and true blue sky flowers from Mar. to Sept.. Native to middle to high elevations, Alaska to southern California. A good garden flower. Showy, every morning ... Learn more.

Lonicera involucrata ledebourii

Lonicera involucrata ledebourii Twinberry honeysuckle
A deciduous shrub to 8', normally to 6'. The flowers are orange-red and appear from Mar.-Jul.. It has formal looking dark green foliage. The black berries are edible but bitter. Native to the Californ... Learn more.

Lupinus polyphyllus bernardinus

Lupinus polyphyllus bernardinus Blue-Pod Lupine
High elevation perennial that grows in wet seeps in and around snow fields. Large very showy blue flowers. They seem to be hardy to -10 in open areas with no snow. It froze out of here Dec. 1990. If y... Learn more.

Mahonia aquifolium

Mahonia aquifolium Oregon Grape
Oregon Grape is an evergreen shrub to 6 feet with creeping rhizomes. It's native from N. Calif. to B.C.. It doesn't mind sun or shade is best with regular water but drought tolerant. Oregon Grape has ... Learn more.

Mimulus cardinalis

Mimulus cardinalis Scarlet Monkey Flower
A perennial to 3'. It likes sun to full shade and regular water. It has 2" red tubular flowers most of the year. An aggressive seeder that should be used in revegetation or large gardens, (or for thos... Learn more.

Mimulus lewisii

Mimulus lewisii Monkey Flower
Similar to Mimulus cardinalis but flowers are rose red or pink and it needs more water than Mimulus cardinalis. 20" tall. Native to middle to high elevations of the Sierra Nevada and much of the highe... Learn more.

Mimulus tilingii

Mimulus tilingii Creeping Monkey
A creeping perennial with 1 inch yellow flowers that make a 1 ft carpet of yellow at high elevations throughout most of the western states. It does o.k. here but needs constant moisture. Good near str... Learn more.

Monardella glauca

Monardella glauca Mountain Mint
(Syn. Monardella ordoratissima glauca) A green perennial that grows in the mountains throughout the west. Native from 4000-10000'.... Learn more.

Monardella linoides stricta

Monardella linoides stricta Flaxleaf mountainbalm
Monardella linoides ssp. stricta, Flaxleaf Monardella, is a mounding perennial that grows in gravelly soil that is wet in winter and dry in summer. Flaxleaf monardella is a delicate-leaved, lemon sce... Learn more.

Muhlenbergia montana

Muhlenbergia montana Mountain Muhly
A small little perennial that grows in our western mountains.The most likely place to find Mountain Muhly in California is Yosemite Valley. Companion plants include Mutton Grass (Poa fendleriana), We... Learn more.

Oxytropis oreophila

Oxytropis oreophila Locoweed
A beautiful perennial that forms silver clumps a foot across. In early spring it makes a delightful show of purple flowers followed by the locoweed pods. It is a high elevation plant that grows in ful... Learn more.

Penstemon caesius

Penstemon caesius Purple mountain bugler
Purple mountain bugler grows in rocky mountain areas of Southern California. In red fir and yellow pine forest openings at 6700 to 11,200 feet. ... Learn more.

Penstemon deustus Hot Rock Penstemon
A rather ugly 1-2' perennial with light green foliage and a rather nondescript flesh colored flower. A collector's item. Not for mainstream gardeners. Use if you have a high elevation rock garden. Nat... Learn more.

Penstemon labrosus

Penstemon labrosus Southern California Scarlet Penstemon
... Learn more.

Penstemon rostriflorus

Penstemon rostriflorus Mountain Fountains
(Penstemon rostriflorus,Penstemon bridgesii, penstemon bridgesii amplexicaulis.), Bridges Penstemon is a 1-2' perennial with 2-3' spikes of 2 inch red flowers in summer. It likes moderate to high elev... Learn more.

Penstemon speciosus

Penstemon speciosus Sagebrush Penstemon
A 2' perennial with 1-2" sky blue flowers, May-July. Native to southeastern Sierra Nevada to Wash., Idaho, Utah. It likes full sun good drainage and little water. It is a drought tolerant, a showy bor... Learn more.

Philadelphus microphyllus

Philadelphus microphyllus Littleleaf Mock orange
Littlefeaf Mock Orange is a small banana/orange/pinapple/vanilla scented fragrant shrub that is drought tolerant. This mock orange grows in light shade to full sun and unlike it's cousin does not lik... Learn more.

Picea engelmannii Engelmann Spruce
Engelmann Spruce is very similar to Colorado Blue Spruce. It grows slowly but reaches 150 feet. The Engelmann Spruce lives in northwestern California. It can tolerate lawn conditions and makes an exc... Learn more.

Pinus californica

Pinus californica California Pine
This name is an old synonym for Monterey Pine (Pinus radiata) and Pinus attenuata (Knobcone Pine). ... Learn more.

Pinus jeffreyi

Pinus jeffreyi Jeffrey Pine
... Learn more.

Pinus lambertiana

Pinus lambertiana Sugar Pine
Sugar Pine, ... Learn more.

Pinus washoensis

Pinus washoensis Washoe Pine
A higher elevation form of Pinus ponderosa. This pine has done fine in the nursery here. It does not grow nearly as fast as P. ponderosa. It seems to be nice looking and very cold tolerant. It grows o... Learn more.

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