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Pinus jeffreyi

Jeffrey Pine.

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Jeffery Pine, Pinus jeffreyi,  is a 60' conifer. Its leaves are blue-green and it grows in mountains of California, Oregon., Neveda., Baja, at elevations above Digger Pine. Pinus jeffreyi is tolerant of most environmental conditions, (except smog, nothing seems to tolerate it, Jeffery does tolerate it for the first 50 years of its life ). Commonly used for bonsai work. This pine smells like fresh baked vanilla cookies. Jeffery Pine is very drought and heat tolerant. Fine for the desert or mountains. It's beautiful in the San Joaquin Valley. If you do plant in a spot that has no pines planted, it should to be planted in a grove or with oaks.

Pinus jeffreyi tolerates sand.

Foliage of Pinus jeffreyi has color green-gray, is evergreen and has fragrance.

Fruit of Pinus jeffreyi is edible.

Communities for Pinus jeffreyi:Red Fir Forest and Yellow Pine Forest.

ph: 5.00 to 7.80
usda: 5 to 10
height[m]: 2.00 to 20.00
width[m]: 2.00 to 15.00
rainfall[cm]: 100.00 to 195.00

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